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RamCharger is Vibrating?

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I had my u-joints replaced 2 weeks ago and my truck is now vibrating. I've already taken the truck back twice to the shop and they keep telling me its the ring and pinion. That my whole differential needs to be checked or replaced. I think it does, but it wasn't shaking before I took it there. My truck vibrates when driving and also when you let off the gas. It starts vibrating really bad around 35 mph. Also, on the driveshaft are the caps to the u-joints supposed to be flush with the driveshaft? Because the u-joint caps in the front is flush with the driveshaft and the rear u-joint caps stick out almost a 1/4, a little less of an inch. To me I figured that was the problem, but they said that that was normal. I have changed the u-joints before and have never had a problem. I don't remember ever seeing the u-joints looking like that with one side sticking a little more out than the other. I have seen a lot of the postings and I'm going to try and check everyone elses responses. Thanks.
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Check you slip joint make sure it is clocked properly, if you don't understand this post for help in the texas chapter board and a nearby member can stop by and show you
Sounds like shoddy workmanship. I would take both shafts to a reputable driveshaft shop and have them inspected and rebalanced. I did this six years ago on my old 77 TD and have never had a bit of problem with them since. I also grease the u-joints every oil change with that red moly grease. I also had a strange vibration in mine that nobody could find for about 2 years. When we finally went to put a new rear main in it we found that the flex-plate was broken. That sucked.
Look at this picture if it works
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On my 88 Ramcharger, the bearing caps on the rear universal ( rear driveshaft ) stick out about 1/4 inch from the drivshaft yoke. On the front yoke (of the rear driveshaft), the bearing caps are flush with the yoke, so what you have there is probably normal. Take a close look at the caps in question and see if the "C" clips holding the bearing caps are in place. If they are in place, then the caps are all the way in. Elvildriver has the right idea. Check the slip joint. If they slid the slip joint apart when replacing the u-joints and did not reasssemle it back in the same location, it may be the source of the vibration. The yoke ears on the rear of the drive shaft and the ears on the front of the sliding spline yoke have to be on the same plane..... as in lined up.
By the way, when you are under there, grab the driveshaft at the slip joint and try moving it up and down. If it has very much play or clunks, the splines may be worn too much. If the slip joint has not been greased lately, pull the driveshaft out and remove the slip joint ( mark it’s position first ). Clean up the splines and apply some heavy grease ( preferably the consistency of gorilla snot ) reassemble the slip joint making sure the yokes are in the same plane. If the slip joint was the source of the vibration…. The vibration “should” be reduced temporarily….and if you had it….the driveline thump should be reduced as well.
The rear driveshaft rear u-joint needs to have c-clips installed on all 4 u-joint caps. You then need to make that the two caps that go into the pinion yoke on the differential are turned so that the c-clips are sitting on the inside of the differential yoke. The diff. yoke does not have stops cast into the yoke the rear shaft centers on the c-clips.
well I took the driveshaft to a specialist and they are going to inspect it and re-balance it. Thanks for all of your help.
Well, I found out its the yoke goign towards the transfercase. They told me they don't make them anymore so they are going to have to find a sub for it. They apparently found 2 ones to tall and the other seal is bigger. They are supposed to call me back with prices? Is it true they don't make the yokes for these trucks anymore?
Lying bastards, is all im saying
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