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Ramcharger is totaled in wreck- i need advice

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I have a 1978 dodge ramcharger 2wd with a 440. It's lowered with wide rear tires. I got into a wreck on december 31st, 2003. My vehicle was totaled because a girl pulled out from a stop sign in front of me without looking. I need a new grill, hood, front right fender, front bumper, almost an entirely new front end. Including a-frames and the frame needs to be straightened. I have pictures of the wreck if anyone is interested. I am just wondering on what i should do. The girl that pulled out in front of me tried calling me three times that same day to convince me to settle without bringing the insurance into it. I am wondering what i should do because i have poored alot of money into this vehicle trying to restore it and transform it into a hot rod. I just don't know what to do anymore, i'm only 16 and i have ripped muscles along my spine because i slammed into the steering wheel. Anyone have any ideas.
Daniel Roberts
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Well, just as everyone on the open board said, see your doctor, and get a lawyer. Don't let this chick talk her way out of responsibility.
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