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Hi everyone,
This is my first post, and I first wanted to say hello, and that I'm impressed with this site. I've had my R/C for about six years and never thought there was this much of a following for this vehicle. 8)

I'm in the process of bringing mine back to new life and so far have been doing the "lipstick & ruge" part. (bodywork,paintjob, window tint and new wheels). Its an '84 4x2
and I want it to turn as many heads as I can, without it looking dorky. I'm missing the front side emblems for the fenders that say Ramcharger. I've checked with the dealer and found its obsolete :\'( . Does anyone out here have a few they'd part with?? $$ ??
Please respond if you do.
I'm now starting to look for another 318 to r/r and so far haven't had good luck with finding one thats usable. I do have a few more to look at. I was also looking at a 360 crate motor
and am still debating that. I'll be posting photos of the "ride"
so let me know what you think.
Have a GREAT DAY ! ;D
Fla Cracker
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