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Ramcharger bucket seats

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I've got an 87 Ramcharger with front bucket seats (I guess all R/Cs have them in the front) and the passenger seat's back just fell down (it's not adjustable, it's broken) so now I have a driver's seat and a passenger's bed in front. Thing is, I don't want to have a passenger's bed, I liked the seat better. Is there a way to fix the seat? I've checked in my Haynes and a few other sources and can't seem to find a repair method. Can I repair it, or do I need to hit the junkyards and find a better seat? ???
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what about the seats from a older voyager they are real nice to sit in will they bolt in if not power? i sat in some and thought this would be great in the r/c just didnt dig to far on how they bolted up but it would be a nice ride
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