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Here is the email I received regarding my truck:

Thanks for the timely response.I am at the moment supervising my new filling station in Canada,I would have my shippier handle the shipping on my behalf.A check in the amount of $14,485 will be sent to you and you'll deduct cost of your Car $6,500 and you'll send the excess ($7,985) to my shipper to enable prompt shipping of the Car.

My pick up agent will be the one to take care of all the necessary paper works.I will be expecting the name and address you'll want the check issued with and also your phone #.

Waiting to hear from you,


I had never heard of this scam until my bank held the cashiers check until they could determine if it was good. Turns out not! Thank God he didn't get his grubby little hands on my truck!

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hey I got one similar to this a few days ago

this is what it said

Thanks for your reply,i am very pleased with the conditions of the Royale.I will have like to wire the payment to you but I dont have cash with me for now.
But my client in canada who owes me money ($6,500) was willing to pay me with cert cashiers check but due to the poor banking in South-Africa,i will advice he issued send the check to you as payment for the Royale and send the excess of ($4,600) via westernunion to the shipper for the shipping.I will also assign a shipping agent who will come for the pick up later.
So i will need your
Full name to be on check...
Home address....
Cell phone number.....
For the payment to reach your destination.Please email me back as soon as possible for the payment to be issued out.Please send pics if you have one..
Mr Brad.

I told him i better have the money in my hand before the truck leaves my property
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