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Rag Joint "cross straps"?

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Anybody know the true purpose of the cross straps shown below?
Are they just simply an glorified nut to make assembly easier or are they designed this way for another reason?
The reason I ask is, whenever I tighten them down, they distort the rag joint and they basically pull the steering shaft and the column together to the point that they almost touch each other.
I am wondering if I can just replace the straps with regular nuts and washers?


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I've thought of that, but the FSM says to tighten them to 200 inch lbs. They are distorted at 150" lbs. ???
macario said:
DDGRC84 is right, consider it like a weird looking washer made to distribute the stress. The distortion of the rag joint when tightened to spec is normal. It is kind of a poor design but it works.

The thing that is weird, is it didn't used to do this, and my other RC doesn't do this.
I have a suspition that this may have contributed to my old style Borgeson to wear out. The rag joint basically "sucked" the steering shaft towards it and it left less spline contact on the slip joint. This splined slip joint had quite a bit of play in it. Fortunatly, I just got the new style Borgeson shaft and it won't matter (to the slip joint anyway) it it gets sucked up, but I still want to figure it out.
New rag, same result. I just did some bending of the straps, they were slightly arced. I put it together and it is better, not perfect, but I won't be satisfied unitl I drive it and have it stay where its at. I will look into getting new staps though, thanks Chump.
Unfortunatly, I can't move my RC right now to test it out, after I finished the rag joint, I proceeded to change my cap and rotor on my MSD distributor. I tested the mechanical advance, and it was hard to move. Tore the whole distributor apart (which is cool that it can be done) and found my upper bearing is rusted, and so was the advance mechanism!
TIme to make a gutter on my firewall. :mad:
P.S. It IS okay for me to highjack my own thread! :p
PrimerGrey said:
When you get that gutter made, would you post some pics. (For those of us too lazy to figure it out for ourselves)
I intend to. I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but kept putting it off cause I'm lazy. Then I got to looking at it and thought DUH!, It'll so simple, no bending, just a flat piece of steel about 15"x3" and some silicone. I'll post pictures when I'm done.
Thanks for the explanations Danny and superburban, it makes sense, I'll get new straps.
Well, the rag joint is still looking like it ought to. Must have just been that slight bend that was in the straps.
It's just weird cause the arc that they did have was so slight, it almost wasn't noticable. Live and learn.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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