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R-134a How many can's

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I thought that I would try R-134a one more time.I'm getting 51.6 degrees at idle and 56.7 degrees when i'm driving it.I've put in 3 cans of 134 and when I look in the sight glass it still looks foamy white.I know that means it's low but I don't want to over fill it.Last time I did this I had 3 can's in there, the hi side with the cylinder on it blew up like a pipe bomb almost hurt my dad and it put a dent in my truck.So I think the best thing to do is to take it to a a/c guy.Any idea's?
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I would let a shop do it man if oyu have had it blow up once already on you man .

Interdynamics has a R134a fill kit with a guage for checking the low-side pressure.....I think it was $15-$20 at Wal-mart. Mine took a little more than three cans to get in the center of the target low-side pressure band.

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