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Quizz on weight of piston, rings...

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Here's a question and I will give the win to anybody within 10 grams either side of actual. One TRW forged 12.5 : 1 piston with rings for a 383 .060 over, on a stock B rod with a floating pin, with the rod bearing (2 halves) in place. How much in grams does it weigh? I know the answer. By the way 1000 grams is 2.2 lbs.
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1400 1500 grams
ok wait 1460 to 1510
wait wait sorry im staying with this answer 1660 to 1710
Are you kidding TRW is freaking heavy im probably off by pounds.

Ok 2200 is probably closer
Lol all i know is TRW is the most awful heaviest forged piston out there, you gotta let me guess a few times i haven't dealt with a piston over 540 grams in a long time, most pistons i deal with are 480 to 540
Damn straight Bummo, when i hear people spouting off about trw pistons i stand back, those things are capable of pulling a rod in half
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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