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Im going in search of a possible bad bearing, or race, on the outer end of my 81 W-250.

I have the Dana 60 with the 4.10 (4.09) gear ratio (if that makes any difference)

It has been years since I have torn into one of these and I dont really remember what to expect. Where can I find an exploded view of a truck Dana 60, found all sorts of stuff for the cars, but nothing with the floater axles.

As long as Im tearing it apart, Im changing brakes too, but if I remeber thats nothing special.

Anyway, any info on the outer axle bearing and race, checking, removal, replacement, etc would be great.


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All it is is 2 bearings inner and outer nothing to it, but if you killed the hub by spinning the race your screwed.

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Here is how its done if you have a full floater 60. Do all the necessary bull to ensure the thing dosen't fall on you. Chock the front wheels cause you are going to need to jack up the bad side. Pull the wheel, there should be about 8 small nuts holding the axle in. Take these off, tap the edge of the axle with a hammer, watch out for the little cone shaped locks, they can come flying off and disappear in the gravel. Once these are out, you should be able to slide the axle out, here comes the gear lube! You should be able to see the lock nut, it will be held on with a lock tab, bang the lock tabs away and remove the nut(s). Now you can remove the heavy a_ _ drum. Check bearing condition and replace as necessary. Replace the seal. As the books say, assemnle in reverse order. Set the preload on the bearing as you would on a car, get em snug, but not tight, replace lock tab. A little sealer on the axle face will ensure a no leak, water tight seal. Sit back, pop a top and enjoy a job well done.
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