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OK.....I got this from Jegs, and it is designed to replace the aluminum metering plate and the thin steel plate in the secondary bowl of a v/s carb.

It allows you to use real jets in the secondaries, just like the metering block kit Holley sells, but since it fits inside the fuel bowl, you don't need a longer transfer tube (single feed) or fuel line (dual feed).

It also has changeable/drillable air feed holes, and since it uses jets, you have almost an unlimited choice for fuel flow.

The instructions are simple, but a bit vague. It was easy to put on, and so far, it seems to be working just fine. it comes with all the necessary gaskets for installing it too.

This kit, Quick Fuel part # 34-3, sells for roughly 43 bucks, and the holley kit with a metering block is roughly 45.
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