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Quadrajet rebuild question

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Doing a quadrajet rebuild. It was filthy so dismantled it. There is a part that screws in and sets how far down the power piston can travel...I didn't count the turns and can't remember where to set it. Any body run across some information to tell how to set this? It is on a 1987 RC with a 5.9L. Carb number is 17087175.
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Did you read the Q-jet rebuild How to ? Also there is some good info on thios in the FAQ section too man . Or get ahold Glenn S he is Q-jet guru send him an IM .

Yep, been through the Qjet fix and several other forum entries. Lots of info. This is just one of the areas that hasn't been addressed so far...
I can send you a file that tells haow to set it. IM me your e-mail and I will send it to you.
Dont forget to replace the plastic float as they can leak and pick up fuel. Also epoxy the well plugs.:)
Step one: Remove Quadrajet.

Step two: Throw in trash

Step three: Install Holley
57plymouth said:
Step one: Remove Quadrajet.

Step two: Throw in trash

Step three: Install Holley
You have steps one and three switched.

Keep the Q-jet, trash the Holley ;D
You guys are killing me, but I agree, trash the Holly! They don't last like the Quad M4. I was pressed for time and had to be up and running, so I farmed the job to a well recommended carb shop in town with a flow bench. That did the trick, even had the throtle shaft holes bored and re-bushed and the J-B weld on the well plugs. When I got it back $125.00 later, all I had to do was put a new carb gasket on and connect everything up. Started up and ran better than I have seen in years! Good luck with the rebuild.
I guess I'm a bad mechanic, 'cuz every quadrajunk I have dealt with has been a POS. Holleys are so easy to work on, and the only problem I ever have with them is power valve blowout on older models. If y'all like a quadrabog so much I have a spare I will trade you. It's covering the intake on the 454 for the wife's Camaro untill I get around to building it.
I have an incredible QJ right now, it's been tuned and tweaked, but the throttle response is incredible, absolutely no bog or lag... haven't driven it long enough to get everything set on mileage though

Ok...update time.
Rebuilt the carb. Used a chem-dip this time and it looked pretty good. Installed to the Ramcharger and the thing idles pretty sweet. New problem. When I try to accelerate in park the engine seems to be ok. But when I try to drive it down the road, it will stumble and cough when the gas pedal is pushed. I can lightly push the gas and get it up to 40 or so but when I try to hit it, thats when it dies. I have to pump the gas to get any response, and then it is weak. We have changed out the carb and inline filters. Maybe a float setting? Seemed right according to the specs when it was rebuilt...checked it twice. Timing has been checked a couple times. Put some fresh gas in the tank. We did not drop the tank. Looked like a major pain. We did find some water in the line but not much sediment. We used the Q-jet tuning doc to set the metering jets- Thanks to One4Liberty! We have an extra coil and fuel pump that we are going to try swapping out. Any suggestions?
Off idle enrichment circuit "accelerator pump" shot is not adequate. Do you get a good healthy shot of fuel into the primary throats, when sitting still, engine off, and floor the pedal (lean over the carb and yank the linkage open) ?
Well, we will check that in the morning. Were gonna drop the tank and purge it. :(
Previous owner is convinced that massive quantities of water and sludge exist in the tank. Agh! We'll keep you all updated...
It's easier to bust open a fuel filter and see if there is a bunch of crud in it, which would indicate a bunch of crud in the tank, rather than going for the tank right off...

Pulling the tank is a certifiable PIA. :(

However, if you can gradually build speed by "tickling" the pedal, and if it only bogs when you first tip the throttle further open, but will run at higher rpm after you "tickle" it up, I stick with my statement above.

Have you put a fuel pressure gauge on the line just before the carb ?
Delayed update...
We got it started and decided to get a recommended shop to look at it. They tweaked the carb and put some more fresh fuel in it (seems we ran it out of gas while prepping it for the tow to the garage). Well, it was a combination of getting ALL the water(even in the fuel line) out and a tweek to the carb and it runs good! We have since had the exhaust system repaired and it now is close to passing emissions testing. Failed the first time with a reading of 5+ on the hydrocarbons. After the exhaust was repaired it is between 1 and 2. Failed the AIS. We think it is a bad check valve. Getting close to being on the road!
We replaced the check valve and it ran ok and passed emmissions check with flying colors. My son has been driving it since. Lots of other issues he has run accross but, still up and running.
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