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I am thinking of putting four headlights on my RC. I would like to know what years they produced the quad setup. Does anyone know if the trim piece for the four headlights will fit in the dual light screw holes? If not, I am up for some more modification. I know I am going to have to cut additional holes behind the headlights and possibly the turn signal light. I also have placed the current setup on relays. I tried to put the system on three relays, but I blew up a couple of lights doing so. So, I went back to the two relays.

When/if I change them over I am planning on putting high beam bulbs in all four places. Do the light bulb makers make just high beam lights?

Are the lights in a different position than the two lights? I plan on putting a push bar on and I still want the lights to shine through the opening on the push bar. Also, where can I find a chrome push bar for the '88 RC?
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