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[email protected] but as stated the pricing can be painful.look around ebay for 1.I do have a 18t tulsa winch that has been overhauled and is ready to use but has no cable I am willing to sell for 750. Bolt it up add cable and a pto it is ready to work. Ebay most everything in this price is pull off junk that is ready to be rebuilt or scrapped.
I do have a Uncle that is wide known for rebuilding any winch that can be found,the problem with this is sometimes the parts can be expensive.
Most surplus guys have pull off winchesthat are useable but anything rebuilt will have a core charge and you are looking at 1600 plus to obtain. Most electric winches have a duty cycle and will work for a while on these limitations but when you fry the motor you are out several hundred to replace the motor and find a duty cycle to fit your needs. I have electric winches that have saved my ass but as with anything they failed when I needed it the most. with pto winches its mostly a blown hose simple repair thats why I am spending the extr money to add a 4T braden and a 18T tulsa to my rig along with the 12,000 lb,5500 and 3500 lb electric winches I already have to build my recovery rig and play toy. If I have to pull someone else out and I get stuck or bound up I need the ability to pull myself out and stay attached to him then once on solid ground pull him to me with out ever unhooking. [email protected] if interested on buying a 18T Tulsa winch for 750 plus shipping
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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