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PROUD Papa!!!

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just wanted yall to know my baby girl was born march 19!!!!

she is perfect! Jessica Lee Davis- we call her Jessi.
i'm typing one handed cause my girl's in my arms while Andi gets some shut eye. she's breast feeding all the way and man is it work!! Thats why it took so long to tell you guys.
major sleep deprovation!

all i have to say about this is that i've never been good at crying, but the past 9 days, i've been welling up just about whenever i look at her and her mother. for those of you that don't have kids, i highly recommend it! turns out life isn't about the biggest tires after all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congradulation to the both of you. Jonathan and I have been doing preventive maintenance on the RC, when I wasn't looking he had all the lug nuts scattered on the driveway. You'll be there too Jason. Then he wanted me to roll the tire around. Congrads, they grow up quickly, my oldest has his drivers permit and the middle is going into the Air Force ROTC high school that starts '03.
CON-FRIGGIN-GRATS Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dern right, life is ALOT more than big tires. Myself, I just got back from baseball practice with my son, Jonathan.
Big congrats to you and mom! Glad that Andi and Jessi are well. Wait till she's about 18 months old - she'll figure out she has a dad about then and then it gets fun.

Of course, by then she'll have you wrapped around her little finger.
Sounds to me like she already does! lol
Corgrats man, best part is when you are snuggleing on the couch and she falls asleep, if you are like me you won't move! Feels great no matter how uncomfortable you are.
Hey Jason!

I'm so happy for you and Andi. You guys have been on my mind very heavily for the last two weeks, and now I know why! I almost called you to find out how everything with Andi was going, but haven't had the "right" moment to do it.

Jessi was born the same day my friend's son was born...his name is Jakob. What a beautiful doll he is...I'm sure Jessi is as beautiful as her mother! I can't wait to see her.

My favorite thing about tiny babies is the little noise they make when they're feeding. I got to feed Jakob yesterday and it took all my might not to just squeeze him with love.

GP says no more babies for us, so please let me know if you ever need a babysitter. Although with the proud grandparents, you're likely to have that area covered. But still, let me know if the need ever arises.

I'm so glad to hear both Andi and Jessi are doing well. Those two are the most important things in your world -- not to imply they're objects -- but there is nothing else existing that is more important.

If you're not comfortable posting pics of Jessi on the board, please send me some via my email. I'm so anxious to see Daddy's Little Girl!!!

Best regards to the three of you!
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thank you ALL so much! yall gots big hearts! I think I'll go cry some more :\'(

btw, any thoughts on building a roll bar for a car seat or stroller?!? ;D

Twister, my scanning skills have never been up to the task of putting pics on line here. Somethings wrong with the comp or me or ? If I email you Jessi pics, would you mind posting them for me? Oh, and thanks for your bbsitting offer. I'm not sure if Andi will be ready to leave her for even an hour for another 10 years or so! Visits are in order, though!
Remember the movie "Alfie"? If you haven't seen it, try to find it at he video store.
The title song asks, what's it all about? Now you know, and you got the answer to the question the same way all us parents do, and the way Alfie did.

I'm sorry, Jason. I just now realized you wanted me to post the pics you sent to me. Doh!

Okay, everyone. Here is the Proud Papa with beautiful Jessi.


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Here's Jessi all wrapped up like the little bundle of joy that she is!


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I can hear her saying already, "Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. I want to hold you, and squeeze you."

Can't you see it in her eyes that she's already got her Daddy wrapped around her little finger?!


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Here are the two beautiful women in Jason's life...Mommy and Jessi...the twinkle in each of his eyes!


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And, here she is practicing her poses.

Congratulations, again, Jason. You did good!


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Oh bless you, Jalene!

I didn't realize you did that. Thank you! You guys are going to have to visit her soon, she's growing like a weed!
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