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Project RCC - Not dead yet - 10/10/06

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Before Pics

Now this is what it looks like, 3rd look/stage it has gone through (build up pics on later posts in this thread)

Here are the new specs

1984 Ramcharger 440 (400 till I fix the 440 :) ) 4x4 auto
  • Chopped top/rear floor/front fenders
  • Cut about 4' out of the rear frame
  • Narrowed front
  • Full frame mounted roll cage/sub chassis from front to rear with tube doors
  • Heddman headers
  • True dual exhaust with Flowmasters
  • MSD 6a Ignition
  • MSD Blaster2 coil
  • K&N filter and filter top
  • Rockwells front and rear 6.72 gears
  • Blue Torch Fab shaved skids
  • 47" Bilistien Coilovers (350# uppper coil/400# lower coil - 17" travel)
  • Custom dual triangulated 4 link
  • Moved front and rear axles for better approach and departure angles
  • Crossover steering with high steer (high steer not used anymore)
  • Custom Hydro Assist
  • Warn 8274 Winch
  • 52" Michelins
  • Hummer double beadlock wheels
  • Blue Torch Fab pinion brakes
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I have two steering arms (high steer arms), so basically the crossover steering arm is also used in the high steer. I am getting 2 2" blocks that go under the high steer arms to help clear from the springs.

If you are nice enough to mrpeal, maybe he can take a few snapshots of my arm and his 2" block.
here is the steering arm, but mine is red


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Here is the lift block, but these are actually 3", I only need 2".


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If you don't mind me asking, how much did the crossover steering wind up costing you?
I built the guys site so I got everything for free. Once it is up I will link to it. Well, I mean once he is done putting all of his products on it. It is already up.
Sweet RC! Looks like it wheels awesome!

tires look good{cool} i thought hummers ran something like a 371/2". ???where did you get em'?bias or radial?how'd they do?
Those are the older hummer tires. Goodyear Wrangler XT. They switched a handful of years ago to the new MT's. You can get used ones from Boyce Equipment for a decent price. $75 each, $25 each for shipping. Good tires too. MUCH better than what they run now on them Hummers.
Sorry Michael, I didn't see your question about the tires. Smokin guns is correct, these are the older style hummvee tires. I can get them for 39 bucks a pop though, the ones I got were in super shape, one looke practically brand new!

I was really suprised with them. I didn't think they would be that good in the mud, I am use to swampers and ground hawgs, but they impressed me. My only gripe is they aren't wide enough for me.

I have to get locked up to do the real testing, but I will be sure to let you know how well they do in mud when locked up.
RCC_SaMiaM said:
I can get them for 39 bucks a pop though
You can get them for 39? This contact you have, do they have more? I'm very interested ;D
Smokin_Guns said:
RCC_SaMiaM said:
I can get them for 39 bucks a pop though
You can get them for 39? This contact you have, do they have more? I'm very interested ;D
They have like 100 sets or something like that. They also sell the big 52" michelins for 114 bucks a pop.

The tires aren't on the site, you will have to call them.
I'll definitly be giving them a call. Thanks for the info Sam!
I will soon have the high steer setup done along with hydro assist (I hope). I also plan on going with a 3" body lift.
Looking good Sam can not wait to see some Clean pictures. LOL

have the 2" blocks for my steering arms coming in so I can finish my high steer setup and have the hyrdraulic assist coming soon too! Won't be long to have that part finished.
installed the high steer a while back and did a midnight hack job on the rear fenders with a sawzall before we left to Ram Jam. Sucks working in the dark, hard to cut straight :)

But, I now have new ideas, going to do a full coil spring suspension and move the axles around a bit.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, we dropped in a fresh 440 before Ram Jam.
Pictures Sam! Pictures!
that fresh 440 isn't so fresh anymore. Gotta pull the motor and rebuild it. I hope to get started on the supsension soon.
52" tires? holy shiznats! thats a big ass tire. thats 4'4" tall tire! thats taller than my friends brother. u need that and about 15" of lift and a 4" body lift. then have a rope ladder on a winch on each side to get in and out.
RC now has a temp 400 in it (thanks Skip and Mike). One of these days I will rebuild the 440. Broke a hub on our last Chapter Meet, and it happens to be the external locking hub Dana 60. That isn't bad, but since I wanted to convert to 35 spline outer shafts I would also have to change to internal locking hubs. So as you can see, Dana 60's aren't bulletproof, but I would rather loose a hub then an axle shaft :)
need pics...........
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