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Project RCC - Not dead yet - 10/10/06

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Before Pics

Now this is what it looks like, 3rd look/stage it has gone through (build up pics on later posts in this thread)

Here are the new specs

1984 Ramcharger 440 (400 till I fix the 440 :) ) 4x4 auto
  • Chopped top/rear floor/front fenders
  • Cut about 4' out of the rear frame
  • Narrowed front
  • Full frame mounted roll cage/sub chassis from front to rear with tube doors
  • Heddman headers
  • True dual exhaust with Flowmasters
  • MSD 6a Ignition
  • MSD Blaster2 coil
  • K&N filter and filter top
  • Rockwells front and rear 6.72 gears
  • Blue Torch Fab shaved skids
  • 47" Bilistien Coilovers (350# uppper coil/400# lower coil - 17" travel)
  • Custom dual triangulated 4 link
  • Moved front and rear axles for better approach and departure angles
  • Crossover steering with high steer (high steer not used anymore)
  • Custom Hydro Assist
  • Warn 8274 Winch
  • 52" Michelins
  • Hummer double beadlock wheels
  • Blue Torch Fab pinion brakes
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hey sam, when i looked at them here the wheels look to be the eagle 589s, pretty good wheel, that is what i have on the crew as well.
i told him he could use mine 48 inch fan but  8)

your still welcome to it sam, ram jam is not far away ;)
ya it moves alot, we use it during the mosquito season so we can sit on the porch sometimes as it keeps it cool and bugless ;D
i will start on mine july 8th at 605pm, guarantee it ready to wheel no later than july 28th. ;D

sams will be ready to, i can also guarantee that. he and i will be helping each other out on it so it will go fast.
when it is in corpus ;D

lol if i get a weekend free while roxy is out of town il be glad to come up one weekend and put some elbow grease towards your project.  you let me know

very very cool looking, have you checked them to see how much extra clearance they will net at the ring gear area? they look stout though. very cool
sure ya will, ill still help, just summer plans didnt work out exaclty like i had planned em to, we can get it done
1 - 7 of 300 Posts
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