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I'm trying to get my RC ready for EJS. I'm leaving on the 18th, just under 2 weeks from now.

The progress still to be done:
The rubber is shot in my harmonic balancer so the outer ring had slid back and was rubbing the front of the oil pan flange. I bought a used one from a RCC member (GLR) and recieved it yesterday, it looks sweet. Need to install it still. I think I'll pick up some new belts and a front seal while I'm at it.

I also plan to get a front roll cage in the RC. My plan is to use the factory roll bar for part of it, and just weld the new sections to it. I've got a buddy that will bend the pieces for me. We took some measurements, I drew up some prints, and he bent up the test piece for me yesterday. I had to modify it a bit, but it fits great. He should be able to bend up the real peices and we'll finish it in the next week, I hope.

I've ordered some poly drag seats from Summit Racing, should be here about the time the cage is done. Then I need to add all of the straight peices to the cage, and mount the seats to it.

There are a few other minor things, but thats it! 8)
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Congratulations on the work well done. So what style of balancer did you get? The square looking kind like I got, or the roundish kind that you see more often? Just curious. I've been pretty busy myself this weekend. I changed over the door locks on the truck on Saturday (so that they match the ignition switch), I dropped the K-member out of the Lebaron and rewelded the broken transmission stabilizer bracket (neighbor a few doors down lent me his Mig welder), and I picked up the new rebuild kit for the BB 727 auto tranny. Working on the LeBaron this weekend has reaffirmed my conviction that air tools ROCK!!! They saved me probably 1 1/2 hrs. of work. ;D
I'm leaving on Wed morning early if you want to join the convey! Call me. :eek:
TheBigSgt said:
I'm leaving on Wed morning early if you want to join the convey! Call me. :eek:
Thanks for the offer, but I'm convoying down with Jeremiah and one of his friends Friday morning.
Got the cage done today and the Summit seats mounted. It took longer than I expected it too, but its done and looks good. I'm too lazy to paint it today though. I got it loaded back on the trailer. Monday or Tuesday I'm taking it to someone who's a better welder than I to get the rear Dana 60 spiders welded. ;D Wish I had a digi cam.
I'm looking forward to the pics when you get back. {cool}
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