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ProComp MT's

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Anyone running ProComp MT's? How are they working out for ya, are they noisy, and how bad do they walk the road?
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I ran a set of 33's and later a set of 35"s. I was initially happy with them but I was also new to 4 wheeling. My main factor in buying them was simply cost, but I did know I wanted a mud terrain. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't buy them again. They didn't last as long as I had hoped. The MT/R's outclass the Pro Comps in every category except sand.

The Pro Comps were pretty quiet until the tread started to get low and they gave a decent ride on the street. I was pleased with their performance in sand like at Pismo.
I just swapped out my worn-out ProComp M/T 35s off my '99 1500 QC. I got about 40000 miles out of them, no real problems other than they go out of balance pretty fast when they're new but that's not unusual for MT tires from any mfr. I'd probably get another set if I stay with the present wheel/tire size combo I'm running (but I got a set of used Swamper TSL radials cheap so that's what's on the Ram now).

Make sure to run your pressure lower than the sidewall maximum or they'll wear out in the center first. You only need to run max pressure if you're maxing out the load on the tire (i.e., towing) otherwise they're overinflated. I ran mine at 30 psi and they wore pretty even.

Performance-wise it's a good economical tire for light to moderate wheeling. I usually aired down to 15 psi and got excellent traction on rock & dirt, and good flotation on sand. If you're familiar with LCIR or Big Bear I wheeled both with no problems whatsoever and often out-performed the Jeeps I was wheeling with (but I think that's more a wheelbase issue than anything else). No real mud here in SoCal so I can't vouch for that.

Bottom line, IMHO it's a decent tire for the money.
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I like mine, definately worth the money if you buy three and get one free.
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