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Problems with my 94 Ram 1500

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I have a 94 1500 2wd with a 5.9 magnum 86k on the clock. A couple of weeks ago i started having some problems with it.

1. Idle is really ruff and seems like it might be missing
Checked plugs, cap, rotor, wires, all seem good.

2. Has become sluggish going uphill in or out of overdrive.
Fluid level is good and looks clean.

3. A couple of times when stopping to park it, the oil light flickers but gage read 40 psi.
Oil level is good about 500m away from next changeout.

I get no codes using the key check method, has plenty of power on straight flat streches, with the mileage am unsure of the maintenence history. Gas mileage is about 13-15 in town and 18-20 on the freeway.

Am planing on doing a tranny fluid change plus fuel filter change out with my tax return, but was wondering if you guys might have some other ideas on what to look at.

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Well, cap, rotor, wires, plugs were all chaged by me about 20k ago as well as the o2 sensor and that was about 15k ago.

I'm kinda leery on the fuel pump, but everything I'm getting so far it pointing me in that direction. I would imagine its pretty straight forward, but how exspensive is the pump and should I bite the bullet ang go with the dealership on it?

Would running it thru a diagnostic do any good if I'm not pulling any codes with the key method?

Well I priced some stuff from a ma mopar dealer.

Fuel pump $224.00
Cat $664.00
IAC Motor $68.00

This stuff must be made of gold.

Will keep y'all updated.

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