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Problems with my 94 Ram 1500

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I have a 94 1500 2wd with a 5.9 magnum 86k on the clock. A couple of weeks ago i started having some problems with it.

1. Idle is really ruff and seems like it might be missing
Checked plugs, cap, rotor, wires, all seem good.

2. Has become sluggish going uphill in or out of overdrive.
Fluid level is good and looks clean.

3. A couple of times when stopping to park it, the oil light flickers but gage read 40 psi.
Oil level is good about 500m away from next changeout.

I get no codes using the key check method, has plenty of power on straight flat streches, with the mileage am unsure of the maintenence history. Gas mileage is about 13-15 in town and 18-20 on the freeway.

Am planing on doing a tranny fluid change plus fuel filter change out with my tax return, but was wondering if you guys might have some other ideas on what to look at.

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I also have a 94 1500 with a 5.9. Now with 194,000 miles on it. The Owners manual says to change the wires every 60K. The Mopar wires suck bad. My original coil wire burned itself in half at 90K. My truck is on its 4th fuel pump. Its best to just change the filter with the pump cause the filter is inside the tank. The original pump was changed before 60K when i bought the truck. Then i've changed it twice since then. Both times the truck would shudder when in overdrive and the first pump i changed wouldn't let me bet below half a tank before the truck would shudder so bad it wasn't drivable. Second pump i changed did the same thing but only under 1/4 tank.

As for the oil pressure thing. I hydrolocked my original engine at ram jam with 184K, i then bought a used junk yard engine. It wouldn't hold pressure at idle. Sometimes that light would come on with 0 oil pressure and sometimes it wouldn't. I would just change out your sensor first cause i have seen them go bad. Real pain to get to it and requires a special tool while in the truck. Snap On part number S6152
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I paid 180 bucks for the last pump which was last summer
The cats come with the pipe from the manifolds all the way back to the muffler too. thats why its so much. Its all one piece. I tried Dynomax super converter that was a 2 in and single out just like the original converter and lost a little power. The factory converter outflows the aftermarket believe it or not. Its just bigger diam and has more frontal area. Mine went bad and i knocked the ceramic out and gained no power or gas mileage then how it ran before the converter went bad. Later i replaced it with the Dynomax cause my exhaust was too loud.

Both pumps that I used and replaced were Carters. Thats not a bad price for the IAC motor considering i've paid 38 for one that makes my truck idle up and down all the time and 58 for another brand that wasn't too bad.
Chump are those generic pictures, because my 94 has a 2 inlet converter. The difference may be in that my truck is 4wd
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