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Well it's been just over a week and i.m doing better and what little solace Suzies very peaceful death was ( she had a slight smile on her face ) it was shattered by he image of her jaw dropping open and her tongue hanging out like a dead deer will forever be burnt into my mind , I just cant shake it from my mind ,helpfully things will get back to normal by this weekend , i.m pretty sick of being baby sat\watched over , plus most of the relatives are leaving this weekend anyways ,

The thing l.m not looking forward to is going home and dealing with all Suzies possessions and getting rid of the stuff ,i.m sure the memories and emotions will come pouring out

By the way all I have to post with is a Fire7 tablet as my puter an database is home to

George \ any way to archive or download this whole post
1 - 1 of 542 Posts