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PowerWagon Greg's 1975 W200

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PowerWagon Greg's 1975 W200. ;D


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OK PowerWagon Lovers, Here it goes It is a 1975 W-200 X-Snowplow Truck with a strong 318, 435 NP 4Speed tranny, and 410 Gears. This truck has a great stance, and turns a lot of heads. The current upgrades PowerWagon Pete talked about is, The motor was pulled to replace two leaky frost plugs and a new Nappa BruteForce clutch was installed, I also replaced any worn and missing parts to the clutch pivit shaft assembly (Parts to clutch pivit shaft,are still available from Chrysler). While the motor was out I repainted the engine bay white, the original color of the truck was a bronze brown. I think the owner before the last owner painted the truck white, but never painted the inside of the cab or the engine bay. This coming spring I would like to gut, prep & paint the inside of the cab white.
The very first thing I did to the truck after It came home, was removing the snowplow gear ,I am not sure it even worked, & the snowplow was missing.
The front axcel was rebuilt, including new wheel bearings, upper & lower ball joints, new universal joints and new U-Bolts. I replaced the exhuast system with a new stock ex-system, from the manifolds back.(The Y pipe is still available)
I also did a lot of small things like getting rid of the incorrect after market steering wheel & replacing it with an orig. 75 wheel, dissed the wrong size cap from the bed, replaced the gas cap with the correct one.
This truck even had four recap tires on it when I bought it.
The night I bought the truck, someone asked if that truck was still for sale, and I said I just bought it, and he said Do you want to sell it, and I said, why would I want to do something like that, He drove off discuraged, well that is what happenes if you snooze on a 75 W-200.
I did want to say that the day I bought the truck, I had four messages on my answering machine that this truck was for sale. I have PowerWagon Pete to thank for this lead. To show my appreciation to PowerWagon Pete I left him buy a 78 4speed Ramcharger that I was going to buy from my freind Ramcharger Rick, from York, PA.
It was a tough dissision to let PowerWagon Pete buy the 78 Ramcharger, but he always wanted one, and I always wanted a 75 PowerWagon :)
I am constantly improving & preserving my W-200, it is my hobby, and at this time it is not for sale.
I will keep you all posted, and thanks for reading my story ;D
PowerWagon Greg
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Well, I got the engine running last night 8) I will be glad when it is on the road again, that will make everybody happy! ;D
Hi Eric, The tire and wheel size you see in the picture are
33x12.5-R16, I am glad everybody likes my truck, I put a lot of time into it.
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