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power steering loss in h2o

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well i brought my truck to the local h2o crossing last night and when i get h2o on the power steering belt or the p.s. pump im with out it for a min or so i did tighten my belt a little today but it was not loose and since then i havent been in water it's only for a little bit but i dont like the loss of easy steering when i get water on it it make it hard to avoid the really deep stuff
so anybody have any ideas why this would happen???
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What was the condition of the belt? I hav had similar problems with a alternator belt slipping the belt looked ok (wasent trashed) but would slip with juts a little moisture swaped to goodyear gatorbacks no slipage since ;D
yeah, the water is reducing the coefficient of friction between the belt and the pulley.

belt is old but not bad looking since there cheap ill just buy a new one and see what happens
Stay out of the water, i fixed it
as easy as that seems i caint do that water is fun because were their is water their is MUD
and florida just has a lot of water maybe not now but in the summer
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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