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popping under acc

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i have a 76 w100 fresh tune up rebuilt carb etc under heavy acc it pops back through the carb' an also i have no reverse 1 2 3 all shift nice but no reverse acts like neurtral any ideas?

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your popping is the accellerater pump adjustment
You're not gonna like hearing this, but no reverse is probably broken reverse band in the transmission. The trans needs to be disassembled to repair it, just as well have it overhauled since it's already apart. A reputable transmission shop would be the best way to have this done.
i thought the 1st and reverse share the same band?? accelerator pump or timing?
You can lose reverse without losing the other, but the other is right behind reverse for a change and is going to follow its lead
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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