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PNW-Full-Size 4x4's Event Report 2/28/04

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just wanted to say thank you to first to:

Keith Kaiser Donating the property to play on.

BTW we are invited back again. Please keep in mind its not available anytime someone feels like going over there. We need to know a ahead of time and we can call and ask.

2nd Doug and Greg. They mucked it out, built the courses and did the cat work and signs, and most of all kept it fun. I helped a little but it was ther doing.

3rd The Volunteers Wow did they do a killer job.

Troy(My cousin) Pit Crew (WE)
Brenda (redneckswif)
Joyce (Sarrsipius Ark's spouse)<--I know I butchered this name sorry.
And yes our time keeper Charles Foulks (chasone64)
Aaron Eugene Chapter Video, pics, and support
A Eugene Member who had lots of camera and lierally was all in black with camera hanging off of him with Aaron total brain fart right now. footage, video, 35mm, support
Josh (Chapter Pres Wa) (Chevyduty)Video photos and keeping order.
Rebecca (Chevydutysgirl) photos, support
Scott (Scooter) Keeping the peace, support, photos all around good mood guy
Melissa (sierra 1500) killer signs, footage, and support and just being cute when the times got hectic.

Shannon(mudhog)(treasurer) shot some professinal footage for sale soon for 10.00 for vhs or or vcd. Contact mudhog here.

Thank Corner Saloon for catering it, and golf course for the pop and chips.

and last but not elst my Wife Diana, she made and designed the really nice prizes (T-shirts) we gave out.

I wish I could have played cam early but ther were already 15 trucks there at 8am and no announcer. I have never done it before so I did it. Anything for the club. im still counting sheets people signed im at like 125 and someone came up to me and started counting trucks last count was over 80 when a huge convoy rolled in to play. im thinking at peak counting some people who just paid played a bit and left just under 100 trucks.

next time will be more organized and ill get to play. although it wasnt totally bust for me. Just before the last 5 trucks were washed We heard Jeff Millers blazer explode on the road about a mile away. He lost is 12 bolt in the gathering then his ten exploded on the way. I had to go tow him to my house and park it in my shed and then take him home to Aloha. If I get some time I will pressure wash it and see what is broken.

List of carnage:

ubolts many
spun main bearing
flattened cam
exhaust hangers
power steering pumps
broken tail lights
leaf springs
coil springs
exhaust systems
couple bent rims
transfer case

oh yes and last but not least a truck fire in the bogs.

I didnt get to see alot of the bogs or the killer side of the moguls but I will see video footage to rely on some more fun. Thank you everyone who came out.

Day Report:

Event Report for 2/28/04 at the Private Property.

First of all it was great. It started off really early. I think. Greg(GMC Greg) and Doug(*******) and Brenda(Redbeckswif) were there like 7:00am putting up the nice signs and marking everything out. I rolled up with my cousin(we) at 8:00 am iced coffee in hand right behind Charles(Charles Foulks). I kind of startled him because I saw him at the stop sign and slammed the accelerator and came up on him really fast. To add to the confusion I popped on my emergency strobes. WE slowed down a bit but im pretty sure he knew it was me. We both pulled in and already there were like 15 trucks parked in the tug of war area. Yeah that's right 15 trucks at 8 am. There eyes were wide and they were jonesd to sign up. He he funny thing the sign up area isn't even put up yet.
As out of the corner of my eye Greg is just buzzing all over the place. Doing this fixing that getting this. Doug is inspecting the play area and starting to formulate ideas to make this work. Well we needed to start signing people up. So once we got the sign up book out and the money dialed in and stickers for the truck we were ready. At 8:30 the volunteers showed up and were pumped. We assigned duties for the play area. Happy to lead at the gate and jockeyed everyone in. Doug made sure everything was going smoothly. I turned to Charles and asked him if he wanted to be reallllllly important today. He was the time keeper. A few more trucks showed up and pulled in back. Washington was running about an hour late trying to meet everyone and keep the convoy together. A few spectators showed and then an awesome spectacle. Washington is HERE as this huge convoy of club members showed up and pulled in at once. It was cool. With the cars trucks they picked up following them in from Wilsonville it was like over 10 at once.
They walked over and we started putting together all the shots and video. Gave them maps where the best place was to take pictures. Melissa was pumped she made cool signs for the mud bog. I think it was "Easy Out" and " Your F$%^$d " or something for the deeper part of the 1st bog. Just after them was a HUGE convoy of Greg's Friends. The Keller bothers and their monster Ford pick ups some trailered some driven. Behind them was some guys from Milwaukie plumbing I met on the build day of the property and their 1st gen Chevy Blazers . One thing you need to know about the Kellers is they have been building these tube framed cut boggered BBF's for years and every time the weather was yucky to play in their truck was broke and as soon as the truck was ready the weather was boring so this was an event that I think was pretty dear to them as all the hard work they have done for so many years will pay off on a day that is perfect for play.
After they rolled in and about 10 or so other trucks they paid and we started the driver meeting. Um there was suppose to be an announcer but he didn't show so I decided I just will not play today and do the announcing. I have never done it before so I thought I would give it a go. I wasn't the only one who sacrificed ******* didn't play, Greg didn't play neither did I. Aaron from Eugene couldn't play as he was shooting lots of footage for us. Driver meeting went quick and their were no questions which was odd? With that out of the way we started explaining the mud bog 1 to everyone and then started the event. As I peered out into the field I noticed something. A JEEP? And a sand rail. I asked Doug and Greg who they were and they were friends of friends cousins brother buddies and well you know what we are here for fun so lets let them play. Everyone said it was cool and we started the bogs.

Mud Bog 1:

First up in the bogs was Mike Keller in the BBF. He was staged and he was off. He blasted down the first part of the bog but see at the end is a sharp right corner into the second bog. You have to go through both of them to make it count. As he came up on the end of the first, he nailed his brakes but it wasn't enough hand almost went sailing out of the bog side ways. He backed down and blasted through the other side. The First time was 16.53 seconds. His Brother though edged him out with a shattering 11.25 seconds. Pretty great times then Roger Gray ran a 11.06 . Least we thought until the sand rail ran the fastest time. It just floated on the mud. He Blasted the pit at 7.36 seconds. Everyone was scratching their heads knowing that is a nearly untouchable time. The nimble rail just floated over everything.. As Trystan and Jason Gray staged, Callen Meyers in his 6cyl mild tires ford F-150 pulled in line. Trystans Blazer did a 15.67 run and right behind him Jason Gray with a 9.36 Blaster in his SB Chevy pick up. That for sure was moving him on to the eliminations. Ray Jacky Chevy SB made a pass at 11.90 but Callen in his F 150 6 cyl smoked him at 10.13. Chas pulled in with his Ford F-100 and made a pass at 11.90 About this time we starting filling the pit with water hoses getting ready for eliminations.

The line up was like this.

The sand Rail 1st , Rod Keller 2nd , Jason Gray 3rd, Callen 4th, and since Chass didn't have anyone to run against he was 5th. Everything was ready. We let people play for about a ½ hour least we thought until the bog was starting to claim vehicles one after another and extracting them was getting harder and harder. in the bog who didn't want to compete and gave time for people to set up their trucks for the next run. The bog was getting good and sticky. We were just about ready, when all hell broke loose and this thundering could be heard over the event. In front of us on the road was no less than 15 trucks and 5 trailer trucks showing up at once. As soon as we found places for them another 10 rolled in then another 10 or so and then about 20 spectators pulled. People were wondering were all these mud trucks are going in Wilsonville and just followed them. About this time more of our club members showed up. Shannon pulled in to set up his footage, Rob (Trazerdog) and his friends Jeff Miller who you will hear more about later to.

Shannon quickly got into place and got a great place to shoot on the flat bed of (******** truck). Everyone just looked at everyone who was organizing this thing and said. WE ARE NOT TURNING AWAY 40 trucks who came late to play and including an OBH members with Toyotas and Sami's and a Jeep. Its suppose to be full size only but what the hell THIS time we will let everyone play. The owner of the property said it was cool and allowed it. See you have to be a MEMBER of the club to use this property. It's the deal we struck with the owner. Just as we were about ready start another group of trucks through the cater showed up. People were getting antsy so we sent them to the pro shop to get pop and chips. Or use the bathroom we had. Everyone showing up late really slowed things down but we got it dialed in and started calling the new contestants to the bogs. We gave the first rounders a break for a bit while the new groups made their passes.
First off of the second round was Pig pen in his 71 1st Gen ford Bronco with lots of engine and tires. His blast was 10.05 and right behind him in a Chevy heavy modded Blazer was Dave Bateman and killer run of 9.68. Jeff Miller in a 77 Blazer SBC and 38's showed he knew what to do right off and posted a 9.68 which put him in the eliminations against Dave Bateman.

Here was the line up..
The sand Rail 1st , Rod Keller 2nd , Jason Gray 3rd, Callen 4th, Chass 5th, followed by Dave Bateman and Jeff Miller.

Fist off was Rod. Setting up in his BBF he chewed the now really sticky deep course up and fire up a 9.28 pass. Just after that was the Buggy. He was smoking. Just floating over the bog and slammed a 8.49 on his second pass. Then it was Jason Gray in the bog. He put a respectable time of 9.35. A little slower than his first time, but the bog seriously changed since then. Next Callen. He posted a 10.37. Then Chas. Chass's time wasn't quite quick enough for semi final and scored an 11.90 .

Next line up was like this:
Rail (Buggy) 1st, 2nd Jason Gray, 3rd Dave Bateman and Jeff Miller 4th.

Ok so now it was the Buggy's turn, It looked good he was ready. First part of the bogs he looked really good made the turn into the second part and just as it crests up to get out of the bog (blub, blub, blub,) the mud caught him and just stopped him in his tracks. It was the first DNF for the Bogs. We all gave him a hand because when he was extracted you couldn't tell where the seats began and he ended.
Next was Jason Gray. Nice time of 10.06, then after that was Dave Bateman who's time was 9.25 and last but not least was Jeff Miller with a good time of 9.27.

Ok this was it. The Final run. The Mud Hog of the Mud bogs 1st place was on the line.

Here is the line up:
1st Dave Bateman SBC Blazer
2nd Jason Gray SBC Chevy Pick up.

Dave Just smoked it. He run was fast I mean really fast. With those huge tires and power he just floated over the mud. He Set the EVENT Winning time of 8.78 seconds . the second time was almost 6 seconds slower at a 14.93. Jason's run looked good but he was going to fast for the turn and went up the side. Backed up quickly and then blasted through the second section of the bog.

The crowd went nuts and applause was heard everywhere. This was a cool event. The right turn throws a wrench in the works for anyone trying hammer down tactics.


After a short break the cater was all set up selling, chicken chuck wagon style meals and hamburgers with coffee and pop. A bunch of guys came up with their eyes just glazed over at all the horsepower and the massive amount of trucks. At this time even more trucks showed up. No doubt they appeared in groups of ten all day.

After the food we had the driver meeting for the moguls. Doug was really clear that this area is not taken lightly. Rollovers are a plenty, truck fire are for sure if your stuff isn't bolted down. We mentioned helmets were mandatory for it to and on the table in front of us were about 6 helmets to borrow. Charles went over and spray painted the start line, posted the turn cone and started staging the first 4 trucks. Ok here is how it worked. You blast up this sheer mud hill, pop over it and finesse your way through the extreme dips and valleys. You then jump down the other side make a had right turn and go through the moguls again. The turn we hard for everyone. You either put to much foot into it and spun out or you went to wide and had to back up. You would climb a tall mound of mogul and if you didn't get your line right drop straight down 8'. If you got your line right just a steep steep hill to roll down. Time was stopped when you crossed the start line again. Not many signed up for this event. It took some serious brass to try it.
First out was Mike Keller in this BB Ford Pick up. Flag went down and he went straight up in the air. We had the coolest shot of his under carriage. As his truck came down it came down hard down the first mogul lifting 3 tires until he tapped the brakes and got it to settle down. We noticed he stepped back a bit on it realizing how HARD these are. He blasted through the first part and then had to make the dreaded right turn. He didn't make it and slammed it into reverse and line up for the second set. He hit them hard and fast and reaching the other side dropped straight down 8' to score a 44.44 run for the first run of the moguls. Well after that run people ran over to get helmets. They were trying them on adjusting them and everyone from there out wore them. Next was Jeff Miller. He had no problem making it up the first part and down the back side it was looking like a good time, but as he came down the first half he go sideway and started to roll. Hard on the brakes settled the Blazer down and he jumped out the first section. Making the right turn was a massive challenge for everyone and this is where a bunch of time was lost. Once he was back in the second part making the last hill was really hard and then BAMMM right into the hillside total nose plant. All we could see his head bouncing off his steering wheel. Even with a helmet OUCH. Something went crunch to, but we were not sure what it was. His time was 1.44 seconds. After that show Dave Bateman wanted to show us a Chevy SB is a very capable Blazer. I think this guy is good friends with the grim reaper because he was unstoppable. A hard fast shot up the front side, down the back side, over the first moguls. Into the right turn he was going wide but he just hammer downed it and lined it up. Then up the second side of the moguls to the top and WOW total sideways on the last hill. Our time keeper got an amazing shot of his under carriage as it nearly dropped on him. Then it nosed first down the back for a time of 44.59. It was only 15/100 of second off the leader so far. Keep in mind to very different trucks are now time leaders.
After Dave was Pig pin, but he came up to the booth and said his radiator is out for now and he will fix it , so we called Chas in his F-100 pickup. He had a small struggle with the first hill but then up and over. Down the backside and over the moguls WOW he was flexing at once point it was like his wheel on one side was dangling. He made the turn pretty easy but the next set of moguls proved a bit tougher and has he came down the backside we all heard a "Crunch" After posting a 1.25 run his coil spring popped to the side or it was completely out and he couldn't continue. At that time I mentioned over the PA he needs help compressing his coil spring and like 15 guys with tools, parts, and hi lifts came to his rescue. . We called the next couple of contestants but their friends were having fun with them and signing them up for everything. It was funny they would run up to the main area and say" I'm not going to try that", My truck would be dead." So We removed 3 peoples names and moved up the list. Ray Jacky was next and his SB Chevy. The carb did not like the inclines at all and kept him busy restarting or stalling his truck. The one turn wasn't easy either. Any by the second time he came down the backside his time was 5.05. But what was cool he wouldn't give up. Even when his truck literally stalled at the base of the last real tall mogul he kept going. Jason was up and he was doing a great job. Fast over the first side of the moguls. His truck was flexing so hardcore that the bed was almost perpendicular to the cab. He made short time of the turn and up over the top. He got sideways on the last mogul and flew out of the area. Posted a 38.41 which put him through to the nest heat. Next Was Trystan Hall in his small block He did well through the course. First hill cost him but everything else was smooth until the hard right turn. He lost some time here and then he went over the second part pretty well until the end where he hit the mogul and it shot him up almost on 2 wheels and settled down the backside spooking a few spectators and the timer. A time of 1.02 wasn't to bad. Roger Grey didn't waste a second. In the first moguls up over the big hill down the backside, a little wide on the turn and then up the second side of the moguls over the steepest part and straight down the back side. A 45.37 was his time. This moved him on to the eliminations.

Here's the line up:

1st Mike Keller
2nd Dave Bateman
3rd Jason Gray
4th Roger Gray

Second part started off with out a hitch. 3 Chevy's verses one Ford. Mike gave us a show. Flying over the first massive hill jumping the 2nd mogul and landing on the third up it sideway and down to the turn. He knew the Big Ford couldn't make the turn and prepared for it. He corrected and was chewing up the moguls up the big hill and a mid air jump straight down. The spectators went nuts and I thought our time keepers mouth was going to catch flies. All of our jaws were dropped at that. His time 38.41 seconds. Even though he just crushed everyone's times just as he passed the finish line. The leaf springs and drive line came loose. He course was down for a but while they quickly repaired it enough to limp it over out of the way. His brother Dan came over to pull him out. I radioed Charles if we could out the last few through, but he said the way they are running that course it would be dangerous. So we took a small time out and waited.
Dave Bateman was next. Man did this SB just have it dialed. Up the first mogul down the second jumping the 3rd onto the 4th and into the right turn hard. So hard he just kept sliding like he was on ice. Instead of stopping he just hammered it down. Blazer straightened up and the second part of the course was easy until the last bit when he got to far left and seriously was going to look like a roll over and before it could happen a bit off the throttle and across the finish line. Scorching 42.22 not as good as the leader but put him in the semi finals for sure. Next was Jason. He hit the first hill and just couldn't make it up the first time. By now the hill was insanely steep and cut deep. He got over the first mogul and progressed through the course pretty good until the turn. It was so slick from everyone it just slid him completely off course. He corrected as best he could and went insane on the second part. Came to the big hill and hit it so hard he did a face plant into the steering wheel. This stunned him a bit but he just kept going. His was 65 seconds but you have to give him a big hand which we did for trying as hard as he did. I think he was glad he wasn't going through to the semi, gave him some time to rest his headache he must have had.
Roger Gray was last. A messed up course for sure slick, slimey chewed up and now even more of a steep grade on the moguls. Did it phase Roger? Hell no! He had a death wish or something. He launched up the hill his truck straight up in the air then slamming down the moguls, plowing through the second and third ones making them much shorter. He then hit the turn fast sp fast he just a did a power slide through it and back onto the second part of the course. Jumping the first parts and on the last hill slamming into it and sliding down one side dropping him across the finish. 36.91 seconds what a time and what a run. That poor truck. We took short break and were ready to run the finals.

Current Standings:
1st Mike Keller
2nd Roger Gray

There were so many people will to help fix the trucks that it didn't take long for Mike to be fixed and ready. You would think after spading his springs and losing his drive line he would take a it a bit easier. Um NO. Do you think it could get any better? No well it did. Seriously all I remember was this BBF just launching off the first hill and like landing mid part of the course, power sliding the turn and just going for broke on the back hill launching and then dropping straight down nearly 6' to the ground. It went so fast. His time was intense to 34.60 seconds. The footage was insane.
Well not to be out done by the Ford, Roger hit the course HARD. Up the first hill jumping the second and third but this time a bit less throttle through the slide which lined him straight for the second part. Only thing that slowed him so slightly is not to hit the last hill sideway or a roll could happen. After crossing the finish line he place a 37.38 on the board. It was a good pass but not quite good enough and Mike Keller won the Moguls.

Tug Of War:

After a bit on intermission and people chewing down some food, We started up the Tug- Of War. Pretty simple concept. When the hand drops pull as hard as you can across the white line on your side. White line was painted at the back each trucks bumpers. First up a pretty cool match. Pig Pin with his 71 Ford Bronco and Dusten in his 4x4 power stroke diesel Ford Pick up. We were going back and forth on who would win. Would it be horse power and tires on the bronco or the sheer brute torque a diesel makes. The tug started and Pig Pin just took off dragging Dusten behind him. Well it was tires a traction on this one. The first run wasn't quite fair as Dusten couldn't see the hand drop. So we did it again. Um ever seen a pit bull latch onto something and shake it to death? That is what this looked like. Pig Pin even kept pulling after we waived our hands to shut it down. . Next was Chass but his truck wasn't quite fixed yet. So we ran Callen in his 6cyl Ford pickup and Ray Jacky. Dead heat and a wash. That 6cyl can hold its own. The following tugs were dead heats to and only one left was Roger Gray and Pig Pin. They were staged and in just a few seconds Pig Pin won the tug of war. We swept the area for parts and then moved everyone to the barrel races.

Barrel Races:

Barrel race was simple. ******* went out and ran on foot the entire course. Heres the plot. Start at the finish line and head for the first barrel. Make the tightest right turn you can and shoot the loop to the other side of the second barrel make a hard left turn and floor it to the 3 barrel make another left turn and goofy pedal to the floor for the best time. It was being run on grass and mud combo. Lot of people signed up for this as isn't hasn't been seen before in a competition around here.
Ok first up was Ben Losh. 2wd sierra 1500 pick up. His run started with him digging hard at the starting line and going a little wide on the first barrel. Second barrel was uneventful and he did it perfect. Third barrel he slid off course and when he hammered it down his back tires just spun not giving him much traction. He was across the line and posted a 57.50 run. Next Keith D in a 79 Bronco. Hard at the start in tight on the first barrel wide on the second but some serious speed to the third. Nice tight run again that barrel and hammer down giving him a 36.99 second run.
Up next was Pig Pin. He launched hard and was really picking up speed as he approached the first barrel he was using power to turn and the bronco spun out putting him on the wrong side of the barrel. Taking the second penalty he stomped on it showing most of the people with grass and mud as the huge tires tore it up. Over to the second barrel around it and then almost power sliding over to the rocks. Jamming on to the third which he was going so fast when he turned in put him on wrong side again. Not letting it phase him he just hammer down to the finish line posting with penalties was like 58 seconds. After that Josh Harrib tried it and did a really good job nothing really hard looking on his run made it look easy. reason why he just did it right putting a 32.53. So far the fastest time. Next Jeff Miller in his K5. This guy had a death wish. In tight to the first barrel put just kept sliding until his horse power snapped the blazer back into shape for the second barrel. Tight turn into the third and throttle to the floor up to the finish line then HARD on the brakes to stop for a child running across the course. After noticing this the judges and time keepers let him run again. His first time was good 38.50 but after his second run it was really good at a 33.59. Dusten and Trystan gave it a go. Talk about a close race less than 3/10 of a second separated them and Trystan went through, but unfortunately he broke to spitting u joints all over the course. We cleared the course looking for parts before we ran the next group. Up was Jeramie McCullen. Good run actually you could tell he watching how people did the course prior and his time reflected it. 38.60 second. After him was Ray Jacky. Started out really good, then he was really wide on all the barrels. The course was getting hard to stay tight to the barrels due to all the vehicles prior to it. His time was 55.83 seconds. Last on the list to run was Callen Myers. Ok we have seen Callen all over the scoreboard and he was making sure people took notice. At the starting line you could hear a slight rumble and he accelerated to the first barrel. But just as you think he is going to shoot it wide he lets off the throttle and whole truck just turns real tight. Through the first barrel to the second and the same thing nice tight left turn up to the third barrel and in tight and hammer down to the finish line: a 35.62 second run was scored. IMPRESSIVE driving and 6 cyl performance. We took a few minutes to look for a power steering cap and got ready for elims.

Line up is as follows:

1st Keith D
2nd Josh Jarrib
3rd Jeff Miller
4th Trystan Hall
5th Jeramie Mc Cullen
6th Callen Myers

Keith pulled up once we found him and shot around the course like no problems what so ever. Almost like he has done this before. Wait he had and his time showed it at 34.93. 2nd was Josh. He had a very similar run but across the finish line he must of lost a little bit of traction which gave him a time of 36.75 seconds. Following him was Jeff Miller. Hammer down to the first tight turn to the second wide turn but hard throttle to the third around it and some blazing speed to the finish line give an impressive 34.13 second run. Trystan had to drop out due to some breakage so next was Jeramie. Good run but lost some traction on the first barrel and third which cost him giving him a 40.32 second run. Callen was last but that didn't phase him at all matter in fact nearly a mirror finish run and placing a time of 38.28. his time would have been better if his brakes didn't suddenly lock on the course.
Semi Finals were next. Everyone scrambled to get their repairs done and ready.

1st Keith D
2nd Jeff Miller
3rd Callen Myers

Keith made a great run but a little crazy on the last barrel and gave him a time of 39.68. Jeff pulled up and started ripping up the course. A little wide on the first barrel but he stomped on it and the blazers rear end just squatted spitting turf and mud all over me and the spectators. Second barrel easy hard acceleration to the third and out of it hard to the finish line giving him a time of 36.50 seconds. Last was Callen. He really knows how to drive his extended cab ford pick up. 6 cyl and all. Nothing wrong with his run at all and zipped across the finish line quietly posting a 36.37 second run. Well its down to only two now. Jeff Miller and Callen Myers. Ford vs Chevy small block vs uh 6cyl? Any how Jeff pulled up made a really good run it seemed a little bit slower than his last though. His time was 36.59 second. 9/100 of second fast than his last. Not bad he could win this with that time. Callen was up next. He had a great start and went around the barrels tight. Couldn't get the acceleration in the straights but he made up for it in the turns. He crossed the finish line giving us a 36.06. That was just a bit faster than Jeff's time and Callen Myers won the barrel race.
We spent about 30 minutes clearing the barrel race of parts and debris. Lots of breakage.

Drag Race soon to come.
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