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My 88 RC has the ends cracked on each end of the trim piece at front overhead. Sunday i was thinking about how to fix it. I had some fiberglass cloth and resin so I decided to try. I took the trim strip off and used very sticky duct tape to tape it together from the FRONT and insured that the cracked ends were fitted together so that the crack was not visable and cut fiberglass cloth as needed and painted the resin on to it. Let it dry, removed the tape on front and it looks as new. If you do not get a good fit before you tape it, some small amt of resin will seep thru crack but won't hurt anything.After thinking about it, the flaw in the piece is that the ends are not thick enough and by tightening the screws on both ends, it bends the ends down and they crack. I may go back and put some FG at the ends outboard of the screws in order to build up the ends so that they will not flex down ward when the screws are tightened.
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