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Have a laugh and check it out. It has taken me longer to figure out how to get those who wish to go to my pics,then it took to do them>I am computer illeterate. But any way "Rambunctious" w/ the blown up 318 had 240,000+ miles on it when the bearing spun in sept ;D. Do to my business I have'nt had a chance to get back to it till now. Pulled it out of the woods on saturday past...wife said shoot it...and I saidweell,eh...maybe you but not "rambunctious" Pulled the 18 and shot the wife on sunday no not realy didn't pull the motor till monday. I have had the 60 in a stand quite some time now and would you beleave I roll it out the garage and the center leg's wheel broke dropping the stand about 1 1/2" enough to snap the three bolts that held my pretty 60 crashing to the concrete, snapping the water/p and crushing the dip stk. tube. Anyway after I bury the anchor I am married to later this week I should have more pictures of the final product.

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