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soon I might be doing some lowering on my truck, and have looked at the lowering 11pg forum, and didn't see any thing on the pinion angle. What I am wanting to do is a shackle extension, and maybe take out one spring. and I am kind of clueless about the whole pinion angle, and not sure how to exactly read it, or where to read it from, or if it will be affected at all.

If anyone can help that would be great

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There's not enough room to extend the shackle far enough to cause an angle problem. Likewise, with removing a leaf or two. You'll loose some heighth, but not a lot. The easiest way to get some "low" is simply low profile tires...

Pinion angle refers to the difference in the angle between: an imaginary line through the centerline of the pinion gear; and a horizontal plane (or line) through the centerline of your axles.

To imagine this, think what would happen if you rotated the whole rear axle assembly in either direction... the yoke end of the pinion would move up or down as you rotated the axle assembly. Hopefully you can imagine how that would change the angle that the Ujoint has to operate at... Ujoints work best when the pinion centerline and the driveshaft centerline are congruent. (strait with each other).

Pinion angle is far less of a problem with lowering. It can be a major problem with large lift heighths.
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