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Pics of my old D150 Custom

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Hey guys I am new here. I have been lurking around the boards for a while. Here is some pics of my old truck. I want to build another one real soon. This one was bought new in 84 and passed down. I got it when I was 16 and sold it in 1998 to a friend. Tell me what you think....

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sweet! what are the specs on that?
It was just a 318 2bbl auto D150 with about 100K on it when I sold it. Slow but a cool first truck for me. I had a bad wreck with it and was never the same. I put duals out in front of the wheels. Had weld super singles on it till 2 broke!! Then I put draglites on it later. I redid the interior on it, then built a nice motor for it 318 with p&p 360 heads comp 260h cam, edelbrock 4 barrel intake and carb. Didn't get to put it in. Then it got hit, and decided to sell it and save the motor for another project. Then it was sitting around and the guy who bought it from me put it in. Runs great! Never had it at the track. all the time I owned it. Just raced lil bit on the street. :) So, as soon as I can get some money together i'd like to get another and make it look simular. It was nothing fancy but, super clean, i painted the entire underneath to make it look new. Oh well...
Nice truck,....very nice rims! Now go buy another one ;D

nice truck! hope your next one will be just as nice
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