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Pics. of my 80' RC

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I finally got pics. of my 80' ramcharger on my website go check them out and tell me what you think.
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Holy crap that thing is clean! For an '80, I'd say you've got quite the gem there. You ever want to trade it up for a new one, I've got first dibs, ok?

Nice RC! {cool}
Hey thanks a lot, it's been some work getting her to look the way she looks now, but if I ever and that's a big if i ever decide to trade up you've got first dibs
Righteous NB! Just name the time and place. :)

See guys, it pays to be an insomniac ;D
Nice chrome breather. Looks like the standard factory one, just cleaned of and repainted or dipped in chrome.

very sweet!
Love it man . Granted the 80 is my favortie yr of RC anyhow . Very nice man .

Very Very Nice....

Let me know when and where you go wheelin', I live off OSO and the 241. I think one of my brothers friends said she say your truck in the RSM area...I've been lookin...

My '86 is white with black rock crawlers...



I'm all over OC,I live in newport though, but, I'm pretty sure I'm going to take my RC to Trabucco Canyon tomorrow like around 3 ish or so, I think I might have seen your RC around, sounds familiar, but yea you should cruise to trabucco tomorrow ( Friday). Maybe I'll see you
Awsome! maybe if we get another chapter get together going, I will see it in person... What kind of wheels are those? and more imprtantly how did you get the Ram hub caps to fit?
Right on...unfortunately I work today (Friday) so I can't wheel today. I saw another Black RC today on my lunch break, on El Toro rd, it had Swamper Boggers on it either 33/14.50's or 16/35's looked pretty cool. Had ORGS stickers on the front fenders.
Yea, I'm not going to go wheeling anymore, pay check didn't come so no gas money, which is the least of my worries right now, but I picked those hubcaps up at a swapmeet and had no clue if they would fit on their or not and took the old hub caps my rims had on their and threw those on, and for what type of rims those are I don't know, but i took it to a wheel guy to get a spare and he said that he had never seen that model rim before, so I don't know, but we should get chapters together and go wheeling.
that rc sure is nice but i was very impressed with the looks beautiful
That is one clean looking RC, I'd take it.{cool}

Can I have 2nd dibs. ;D
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