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Phoenix Auto Show

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The wife and I went to the Auto Show yesterday. I guess I am kind of spoiled by the Chicago Auto Show, but I thought this one was really small. It was about 1/8 the size of the Chicago one. But it was still pretty cool. You could actually sit in some of the vehicles that I would have thought they would have roped off like the $100k Mercedes SUV and the Anniversary Vette. Dodge had a decent display, although a lot of the people (me included) were pissed that they didn't have the Hemi on display. They only had one truck there with it in it and it was on a turntable so you couldn't peek in. Volvo has a cool twin turbo charged SUV for about $45k. Other than that nothing really caught my eye. I was disappointed by the Harley display, but I guess that this weekend they are gonna have a Rally end at the show which should have a couple thousand bikes, so that would be the time to go. Overall I would say that it is worth the $8 ticket (which is worth buying online to avoid the lines) and the three hours or so it took to see it all. Well that's my review!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Sounds cool, Ryan. That would have been a good gathering for the group to be together, although George and I were not home on New Year's Day.

George and I went to the Route 2002 at Firebird on Dec 5th. That was a lot of fun. We drove our choice of every model of Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler they make (each attendee could drive 9 vehicles). They had various road courses set up to test the performance of the vehicles. George drove the 2500 with the Hemi, I drove the 1500, and we both drove the deisel. Although the Hemi was nice, we both walked away drooling over the Cummins. ;)
Man that sounds awesome. How did you get hooked up with that? Did it cost you anything??
We received invitations in the mail. I'm not sure what mailing list we were on to be included, but it was a blast. It was free, and they had coolers full of all the soda and bottled water we wanted...also for free.
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