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Phoenix area members?

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If you are like me, you live in a neighborhood that doesn't much care for people having a bunch of cars in various stages of repair in your yard, front or back.
I am wondering if renting some Commercial Property would be a good idea. That is, IF the commercial property owners will rent to what is essentially a "club". If you are already renting storage space somewhere anyway, sharing a small shop with yard area might be a better idea.
I know what a friend pays to rent a large shop with fenced parking for about 4 vehicles outside and room to work on 3 at a time inside, and that is about $1000 per month.
Sound like a good idea? Anyone ever try this?
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That sounds like a lot of money but I have never tried this before. A $1000 a month could be a cheap house with a two car garage and a fenced yard in some older areas of Chandler. I imagine Casa Grande too.
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