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Need some info on the stock front hub of a 88 4x... Swapped rims the other day and found the driver side to be tight & spinning freely.. the passenger side is spinning freely , but it has a "all around" wobble to it?? what might this be?? easy fix? Does anyone have a diagram on how these things come apart? hoping maybe just a loose bearing... something to just tighten & go.... Any help would be appresiated...


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If you haven’t removed one of these hubs before, you should probably invest in a FSM before you start. I wouldn’t recommend just tightening the wheel bearings, because if the wheel has been wobbling around, the bearings most likely needs to be replaced.
Here is some stuff that was edited from a post by cooper30
1)Take tire off
2)Take brake caliper off (hang it somewhere with a coat hanger, you don't have to undo the hose from it.)
3)Remove dust cap on hub.
4)Remove snap ring on the end of the axle and then you can remove the gear that locks the axle to the hub.
5)Using a 4-prong spindle nut socket loosen and remove spindle nut.(I stick a screwdriver into the edge of the rotor and let it push against the caliper adaptor so the hub won't turn)
6)Remove retaining washer (try a pair of needle nose to get it.)
7)Remove inner nut with 4 prong socket (it should be loose enough to turn by hand).
8]Remove the hub/rotor assembly (the outer wheel bearing will come out when do this)
9)Completely clean all wheel bearing (inner and outer), inspect bearings and races, replace as necessary. 10)Repack bearings with new grease. (ALL old grease must be gone. Try brake cleaner)
11)To access inner wheel bearing, pry seal out of rotor. Use a new seal when putting everything back together.
12)Replace any worn parts while you have everything apart.

Make sure that you don’t get the inner nut switched around with the outer one. The inner nut has a pin in it that locks into the retaining washer.

These are the torque specs for the inner and outer locknuts on a CAD equipped Dana 44.

These were submitted by bill2e

”Tighten the inner locknut to 50 ft. lbs. to seat the bearing. Loosen the inner locknut, and retighten to 30-40 ft. lbs. while rotating the hub. Then back off the inner locknut 135 degrees. Outer locknut is tightened to 50 ft. lbs.

The inner locknut will be loose enough to remove by hand after it is backed off properly. “

My FSM says to back the inner nut off 135 to 150 degrees, but when I adjusted my wheel bearings, I found that with backing the inner nut off 135 degrees, it left me with too much play, so you may want to back it off a little less.
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