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Hello guys, I am looking to sell my long-ignored project truck.


It is completely disassembled at the moment, and has sat as such for nearly 10 years. I will post more (and clearer) photos when I have the opportunity to take some.

I need to sell as much of it as possible, if not all at once.

I cannot include the engine stands and jack stands.

Parts I have for sale:
Cab, dash, moon roof, and modified 318/727a/np203 and driveshafts from an '85 long bed W150
Frame, D44/9.25 axles, springs, 400/727b/np203 and various parts from an earlier (unknown year) short bed W150
New (unused but 10y/o) DS door shell
New bearings, seals, U-joints, ball joints and knuckle retainer bolts for D44 axle
New pre-built drum brakes for 9.25 axle
Used aluminum radiator, alternator, starter, power steering components, hoses, hardware, etc.

The 318 was bored (apologies, I cannot remember the specs now) and has extensive aftermarket parts including 340 heads, Edelbrock intake, Comp cam (currently searching for cam card), Mopar rocker arm hardware, and various others. I will edit the post in the near future to include more details.

The 400 was never opened up after I bought it.

727a has been rebuilt with a reverse pattern manual valve body and performance bands/clutches and a bolt-in sprag.
727b case only; many parts (like the planetary gears) were used in the 727a.

I have 2 NP203 transfer cases, one was rebuilt and driven for a year. The other hasn't been opened.

I do have new marker lights, tail lights, door handles, and a roll cage kit for the truck as well, but

Now, for the bad parts. I have no wheels and tires, drive shafts, factory doors, or interior parts. I also do not have a hood, fenders, bed, or tailgate. I have no factory electronics, fuel system (including tank), hvac parts, or wiring.

I must sell everything as-is, but I have an engine hoist and am willing to help load and move.

Please feel free to contact me for more details.
[email protected]

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