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Parking brake ?'s

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Has anyone converted their pedal style parking brake to a lever style? I currently have no parking brake because all of the cables are so rusted I just cut them off just under the door and yanked everything else out with them. So when I replace all the cables I was thinking about trying to convert to lever style. Just wondering if anyone has done it or your opinions.
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mowgli said:
Has anyone here tried to fab a DIY trans brake??? Saw an article in 4WOR about something from TransTech or someone similar, but the pics weren't detailed enuff to see what the whole thing entailed...
I don't suppose you have a link to that article?
Bogie said:
Evildriver-3 said:
I use 1st gear for my parking brake
;D Me Too
I tried that. It creept down the hill, and stopped about 2 inches into the fender of a Caddilac :(
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