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Parking brake ?'s

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Has anyone converted their pedal style parking brake to a lever style? I currently have no parking brake because all of the cables are so rusted I just cut them off just under the door and yanked everything else out with them. So when I replace all the cables I was thinking about trying to convert to lever style. Just wondering if anyone has done it or your opinions.
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Has anyone here tried to fab a DIY trans brake??? Saw an article in 4WOR about something from TransTech or someone similar, but the pics weren't detailed enuff to see what the whole thing entailed...
Don't know if the article was posted to their(Petersons) web site or not- Lemme check thru my issues and get back to you- they may have back isues for sale
BTW- my apologies to to Dodge85RC for semi-hijacking this thread- ???
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