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Anyone else out there play? what do you shoot?

I've got four markers:

My main/long gun:
VM 68 Magnum, SmartParts All-American progressive barrel, Ricochet AK agitating hopper, Max-Port power valve, Venturi bolt, gas-thru stock,

The Speedgun:
WGP B.O.S.S. X-raider, ported barrel, starfire bolt.

The Sidearm
Core ZX, Laser sight.

The Backup:
Markel Mirage, totally stock.

i like to play mainly woodsball, but speedball is interesting. i've been playing on and off for about 10 years.

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I played for about 6 years. Before I stopped playing I had a 2000 Dark Angel Cut and Colored, a 2001 Dark Angel Cut and Colored. two 2002 Dark Angels cut and Colored and a Sterling Pump. After I had the second surgery on my shoulder I realized that I woulnd't be able to compete like I used to. The last Am-A division team I played for was Force Of Nature, out of NC. But since I sold most everything but I kept my Sterling, they are too hard to find and worth way too much for being a Pump.
I was playing for the love of speed. Went to the world cup in Fl two years in a row. Used to play about 40 hours a week for practice. If I needed to I could spit out 13bps with out thinking about it, But playing mostly mid I would average 8 or 9 bpm. I had my 2002's dailed in to a perfect 299fps. Never broke the crono. I lost the edge and will to compete after surgery. Once you hesitate on the feild you screwed. So I backed off. Like I said I sold the Markers and some of the gear but got enough to start over again if I want to. Just need to buy a couple new markers.
I didn't feel like you were bashing me. I was just explaining that I was playing on the competition side not the Rec ball side.

No hurt feelings here.
I've used MILES but I hated people cheating. Tap your barrel box and it shoots, take your batteries out or put them in backwards and you never die. It's a great system when people use it right.
inda like having a silinced M2 or MK19...
Spyder TL Plus was my third marker ever. My first being a splatmaster.
Or the bruise under the wax!!!
Out of 11 years of playing paintball I was only shot there once. It was from about five feet away while I was going to bunker him. Anyways, Got hit right on the tip, The welt was really bad. Could hardly go to the restroom for about 4 days.
willy J said:
yeah i had the same problem. although it was the clap.
Focus!!! the STD board is hosted somewhere other than here.
CraZYWilliE said:
Hey who ever runs 299, I woul dwarn you once, you dont need it that close, 285-290 is fine, any more and you can bust paint.
I agree with what you are saying but when the rules state under 300fps and everyone is in the high 290's. Run a double regulator and get as close as you can to the limit. As long as you marker is consistant.

Check out this PB site. I was one of the orginator,s back in 2001. Good information site on Paintball.
The worst shot I took...

I was bunkering the other team and took a shot to the tip of my D*$^ at about 4 or 5 feet away.  Had a welt for about 2 weeks and it hurt to use the restroom.
1 - 11 of 67 Posts
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