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Anyone else out there play? what do you shoot?

I've got four markers:

My main/long gun:
VM 68 Magnum, SmartParts All-American progressive barrel, Ricochet AK agitating hopper, Max-Port power valve, Venturi bolt, gas-thru stock,

The Speedgun:
WGP B.O.S.S. X-raider, ported barrel, starfire bolt.

The Sidearm
Core ZX, Laser sight.

The Backup:
Markel Mirage, totally stock.

i like to play mainly woodsball, but speedball is interesting. i've been playing on and off for about 10 years.

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I used to play all the time. I started of with a Diablo pump gun, then I upgraded to a Tippmann Pro-lite, which I upgraded with a venturi bolt and a 16" Smart Parts ported sniper barrel.
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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