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Anyone else out there play? what do you shoot?

I've got four markers:

My main/long gun:
VM 68 Magnum, SmartParts All-American progressive barrel, Ricochet AK agitating hopper, Max-Port power valve, Venturi bolt, gas-thru stock,

The Speedgun:
WGP B.O.S.S. X-raider, ported barrel, starfire bolt.

The Sidearm
Core ZX, Laser sight.

The Backup:
Markel Mirage, totally stock.

i like to play mainly woodsball, but speedball is interesting. i've been playing on and off for about 10 years.

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dayum.. Angels. money. that's why i like my VM, i can beat it on a tree, drop it in the mud or in the sand, or whatever, and it still fires. of course, it maxes at around 10bps, i wouldn't mind 25-30 bps.

hey, Chris, you wanna play a 24 hour scenario game 17-18 April? We could use one more person on our team. The game is in Dalton, GA, which is actually closer to you than it is to me, lol

DJ, I just re-read my post, it sounds like i'm bashing you... i wasn't, not intentionally,

I've never played with an electronic marker, one of my buddies has an E99 Spyder, but he's only using a grav hopper, so he's limited to about 8bps.

the other thing that i realized, all of my primary markers are no longer made, and are really not even acknowledged by their manufacturers anymore.


the website is 24 Hour Games I've been up to the field, it is gonna rule.

I've got your cell number, I'll be in Atlanta most of the week, headed back to statesboro on friday, I can re-route and come through augusta, sounds good.

you know what i really want? A Tippman A-5! that feed system rules.

bwahaha... just make sure he wears a mask.

lots of ranchers use paintballs to mark cows that they want to either save or pull or whatever... have a friend up in Montana, he has one that he usually leaves in his truck, well he saw one he wanted to mark, grabbed the gun and shot it in the head. the cow just kinda stood there shaking its head, so he tried again. same result. no paint breakage. then he realized that it was around 15 degrees and the paint was frozen

moral of the story, make sure it is warm before you shoot him for peein'

yeah, i've used MILES before, it's cool.

i got hit there once, i leaned out to make a shot and got a three round burst in the ol' nads. my teammates said i turned all the colors of the rainbow as i lay there on the ground, this was before i threw up in my mask... i almost got kicked there again after this female ref asked me if i was ok and i replied: "could you kiss em and make it better?"

they finally helped me off the field. i played the rest of the weekend, but a bit more slowly.

1 - 9 of 67 Posts
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