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Hey Dan do you have a factory service manual? I could tell you what the fsm lists as possible causes for the problems on your tranny.
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No I don't have one. However I do have a haynes manual which is good for everything else and I do have an atsg which is worthless IMO but has good enough pictures. I actually think I have figured out what is wrong with it. See in the B&M shift kit I installed there was a picture with all the check balls in it and which ones had to be taken out and such. But in my atsg manual there was also a picture that showed the exact same check balls accept for one that was missing in the B&M picture. So when I had first had probs after the rebuild, I cleaned the VB(got a ton of crap out of there because I wasn't the cleanest initially) and then removed that one check ball. Before I at least had a 1-2 shift, but no 3rd. After I lost 2 and 3 shifts. Only 1st. So this weekend I'm going to put that check ball back in and clean it good again and then see where I'm at. I bet thats what it is. But go ahead and list them or email them to me. I'd be curious to see what the FSM says compared to my atsg. I could also use a little help hefting my t-case back in,this saturday if you're bored... Anoka isn't too far from north branch. If not its not a big deal..
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