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Oxygen Sensor on 91 RC

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:mad: My 91 RC is running kind of funky and I think it's time to change the oxygen sensor. When I traced it down, I couldn't believe where Dodge put the thing. It's wedged in around the flange of the exhaust. Anyone have any experience getting this thing out? The sensor seems to be right up against the flange. Will a special socket even clear the flange. What size wrench fits onto the sensor? Is this just something special for the 91 or do other year models have this same problem. I seem to remember changing one on a 93 and it was fairly easy to get to.
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on my 90, i loaned the o2 sensor socket set from autozone. it worked fine.

yep u need to use a special socket in my case i took the manifolds off to putt headers on and still needed the 02 sensor so i took a grinder to the flange sheilding the sensor and ground away till i could fit a wrench on it. the wrench was a 7/8 if that helps!
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