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Our New play area

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We have been given our own piece of property to build the most awesome place to wheel. This weekend

We Built:

2 mudbogs one extreme one for a tad over stockers
rockcrawling area
tug of war
mud drags
barrel race
hill climb
roller coaster. (2 near rolls this weekend already)

and some areas just to spit some mud... Here are some photos of the work party this weekend working on it. We will be having a gathering the 28th on this and it will be catered by Uncle Wally's BBQ. awesome food. We have bathrooms, power and all the gear to extract with. trucks are 10.00 spectators are 5.00 ea. You must be a member of the Club to participate. If you want to come out and see some craziness and just watch thats cool.

Join Here!
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