So, in my excited rush to get the radiator replaced on my 81 W250, I purchased the incorrect Champion radiator - 18 inch vice 21 inch core.

I since have purchased a correct size radiator, from Radiator Express.

If I return it to Ledfoot Racing, the Champion dealer I purchased it from. I am beyond the return time, plus I am sure I would have had to eat the shipping.

If you can actually use, all I ask for is shipping. I expect it to be around $85 dollars. This was what I paid when I returned the very first replacement radiator I purchased - it was a very cheap looking/made plastic one from Parts Geek. The return was about three months ago, and it was through USPS.

I used the Post Office, since it is the most convenient for me.

Again, if you can actually use it and not rat hole it away or have it show up on eBay or CL, all I ask is to pay the return shipping. Not looking for payment up front. You can do that after I give you the USPS tracking number.

If your soul is worth only $85 and you screw me over, you have bigger issues to deal with. I will just add the bad experience to the other life lessons I have learned.

Remember, this is an 18 vice 21 inch core. See pics.

Thank you!