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I just got back from the dealer, and they were able to run a VIR for me.  I hope the code below, can help others

1986 Option Codes

EMC 360 4bl
DGH A727 trans
G5 Trim Style Cloth Hi Bk Bucket
K1 Trim Color
174 Zone 74 (Denver)
1AE US Dealer Fleet
4EA Sold Vehicle
4HA Special Sceduling Condition I
ADC Convenience Package
ADP Heavy Duty Package
AJP Power Convenience Package
AKC Prospector Package III
APC Two Tone Paint Package II
ASP Royal SE/LE Decor Package
BAB 60 Amp Alt
BCD 500 Amp Bat
BGA Power Disc Brakes/Drum Rear
BJA Std Duty Frt Disc
BKG 11 x 2.5 Rear Drum
CAD Bucket Seat Hi Bk
CFM First Position Rear Bench/Folding
CGA Deluxe Uni - Belt
CHE Headliner Full  Deluxe
CHS Passenger Side Sun Visor
CKE Frt Carper 8 - 12 OZ
CKN Cargo Compt - Carpet
CSA Spare Tire Cover
CTA Frt Dr LWR Trim Panels
CTB Cargo Compt Lwr Trim Panels
CUC Console
DGA Std Duty Auto Trans
DHF NPG 208 Trans Case (Sync)
DJC 3500# Front Axle
DMC 3.21 Axle Ratio
DRB 9.25 Axle
EAA All Engines
EAC All Carbureted Engines
GAE Sunscreen Glass
GBB Windshield Glass - Tinted
GCB Front Door Glass - Tinted
GNA Inside RR View Mirror
GPA Dual O/S Mirr PKG STAT Short Arm - Chrome
GVA All Vehicles W/0 Power Mirrors
HAA Air Conditioning - Front
HGA Hood Insulation
HGB Dashliner Insulation
JBB Woodgrain Applique - Inst Panel
JCA Speedometer - Mile Primary
JFC Oil Pressure & Eng Temp Gauge & Trip Odo
JHA Windshield Wipers - Deluxe
JJA Cigar Lighter Front
JJB Electric Horn - Dual
JKA Glove Box Lock
JKB Hood Release - Inst Pnl Mounted
JPA Power Windows
JPB Power Door Locks
K17 Recommended Mldg Golor - Type 1
K1X Stripe/Badg/Molding/Color
LAJ Warning BUzzer
LBA Map/Courtisy Lamp
LBC Glove Box Lamp
LBD Ash Receiver Lamp
LMA Halogen Headlgts
MBB Front Bumper - Bright
MBE Rear Bumper - Bright
MFD Bright Grille - Type I
MGA Ram's head hood ornament
MHB Windshield Mldg - Bright
MJD Body upr Side & Rear Mldg
MMJ Drip Through mldg - TYPE I
MPB Bright T/Gate Applique Panel
MTB Backlight Mldg - Bright
MTG UPR & Lwer T/Gate MLDG
NAF High Altitude Emiss Control PKG
NAU All Fed Type Emiss SYS With Catalyst
NBA Light Duty Cycle
NBK With EVAP Control System
NCA Air Pump
NDA Catalytic Converter
NEM Exterior Sound Control
NFF Tank - 35 Gal
NHB AUX/H Duty Trans Cooler
NHK Engine Block Heater
NHL Double Roller Timing Chain
NHM Speed Control
NMC Max Engine Cooling
PT4 Gold Dust Primary Paint
QT1 Lt Ivory Secondary Paint
RAA All Radio Equipped Vehicles
RAN Radio AMFM/MX/ETR w Cassette/Clock
RCB Stereo 2 Speaker
SBA Power Steering
SCE Strg Whl - Euro/Sport Type
SEA Heavy Duty Shocks Frt & R
SFB Heavy Duty Shocks - FRT
SGB Heavy Duty Shocks - R
SHB Heavy Duty Sway Bar - FRT
SJK 1400/1500# Pad/Ground Frt Spring
SNF 1650/1820# Pad/Ground RR Spring
SUA Tilt Steering Column
TAA All Tires
TAD Highway Tread
TBB Conventional Spare Tire
TBL Tire Carrier - Inside
TSF P235/75 R15 XL P/s RWL Tire
TZA Goodyear brand
WJC 15" Styled Road Whl - Class III
WLB Spare Whl - Non Styled
XEE Skid Plate - F/Tank Protector
XEF Skid Plate - Trans Case
XPF Protective Coating and Remover
YAA Build to US Market Specs
YEP Manuf Statement of Origin
YGA Without billable gas
YGB Winter Fuel Fill Additive
ZWA Gross VEH Weight Rating

Done, I hope this can help someone

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these codes cover cars and trucks

&PB5 Electric Blue Pearl Paint
&PDM Mineral Gray Metallic Paint
&PKG Light Sandstone Metallic Clear Coat
&PR3 Torred paint
&PRH Inferno Red Crystal Pearl Paint
&PV6 Sunburst Orange Pearl Coat
2__ Standard Package
2_A Quick Order Package 2_A
2_B Quick Order Package 2_B
2_C Standard Package 2_C
2_C Quick Order Package 2_C
2_D Quick Order Pkg. 2_D
2_E Special SLT Package
2_G Laramie SLT Package /1500 4x4
2_G Quick Order Pkg. 2_G
2_N Quick Order Package 2_N
2_S Quick Order Package 2_S
23D Quick Order Package 23D (Fleet)
24E Quick Order Package
26S Quick Order Package 26S
4XM No Rear Bumper
6C- Paint - Two Tone "Center Band"
6D- Paint - Two Tone "Lower Break"
6F_ Paint - Extra-Cost Monotone Pearl Coat
A01 Light Package
A02 Driver Aid Group
A03 Town & Country Group
A03 Deluxe Light Package
A04 Basic (Radio) Group
A05 Protection Group
A06 Sport Group
A06 Air Conditioning Group
A07 Turnpike Package
A08 Wagon Easy Entry Convenience Group
A09 Concealed Headlamp Package
A11 Special Model XX29 Charger Daytona
A11 Special Model XX29 Charger 500
A12 440 Six Pack Engine Package
A12 Chrysler 300 Hurst
A13 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird
A13 440-4bbl Engine Package
A14 Chrysler/Plymouth Spring Special w/ vinyl top
A15 Chrysler/Plymouth Spring Special wo/ vinyl top
A20 Dodge Fever Special Package
A21 Elastomeric Colored Front Bumper Package
A22 Elastomeric Colored Front & Rear Bumper Package
A24 Trunk & Spare Tire Dress-up
A28 Noise Reduction Package
A31 High Performance Axle Package w/3.91 Ratio
A32 Super Performance Axle Package w/4.10 Ratio
A33 Track Pak w/3.54 ratio
A34 Super Track Pak w/4.10 ratio
A35 H .D. Trailer Towing Package
A36 Performance Axle Package w/3.55 Ratio
A37 Taxi Package
A38 Police Package
A39 Dodge Spring Special A
A40 Dodge Spring Special B
A41 White Hat Special w/vinyl roof
A42 Dart Spring Special Package A
A43 Dart Spring Special Package B
A44 Rear Window Louver Package
A45 Front & Rear Spoiler Package
A46 Moulding Package
A47 Special Edition Package
A47 Special Dress-up Group I
A48 Dress Up Package
A49 Special Dress-up Group II
A51 Sport Fury S-23
A51 Duster Twister Package
A52 Sport Fury GT
A53 Trans Am Package
A53 Formula S Package
A54 Colored Bumper Package
A55 Black Vinyl Trim Group
A55 Custom Trim Package
A56 'Cuda 340 Package
A57 'Cuda 383 Package
A58 Sport Grain Group
A59 Sizzler Package
A60 4-Speed Transmission Special Package
A61 Automatic Transmission Special Package
A62 Rallye Instrument Cluster Package
A63 Challenger Moulding Group
A65 Dart GT Package
A66 Challenger 340 Performance Package
A67 Backlight Louver Package
A73 Special Value Package - XH29 Charger
A78 Western Sport Special Package
A78 Formal Roof Package
A82 Police Ornamentation Group
A83 New York Taxi Package
A85 Front End Ornamentation Group
A85 Charger Topper Group
A86 Interior Decor Group
A87 Road Runner Decor Package
A88 Interior Decor Group
A91 Western Sport Special
A93 B & E Body Coupe Package
A94 Gold Duster Special Package
A94 Reminder Light Package
A95 Chrysler Spring Special
A97 Special Package
A97 Fury Spring Special A
A98 Fury Spring Special B
A99 Special Coupe Package
AAX Sound Group
AAY SE Plus Group
ACZ Mopar Chrome Side Step & Bed Rail (Dealer)
ADA Light Group
ADB Protection Group
ADC Convenience Group
ADE Cold Weather Group
ADH Heavy Duty Group - Electrical
ADJ HD Service Group/1500
ADJ HD Service Group/4x4
ADL 4x4 Protection Group
ADP Heavy Duty Group - Suspension
AEE Mopar Chrome Edition Group (Dealer)
AEM Dual Top Group w/Matching Colors
AFH Convenience Group - Overhead
AGG Sport Appearance Group/ST 4x4
AHC Trailer Tow Group/4x4
AHC Trailer Tow Group
AHD HD Snow Plow Prep Group
AHH Snow Plow Prep Group - Light Duty
AJB Security Group - SE
AJD Leather Value Package
AJD Leather Interior Group /1500
AJF Remote/Illuminated Entry Group
AJF Personal Security Group
AJH Power And Remote Entry Group (Fleet)
AJK Convenience Group - Deluxe (Speed/Tilt)
AJL Convenience Group - Power/Overhead
AJP Convenience Group - Power
AJV Interior convenience group
AJW Power Accessory Group (Fleet)
AJY Popular Equipment Group
ALW Popular Equipment Group
APA Monotone Paint Application
APD Paint - Two Tone "Lower Break"
AR5 Premium AM/FM w/Cass./CD Changer
ARR Premium AM/FM CD Player
ASG Expresso Group
AT1 Entertainment Group #1
ATD AM/FM Stereo Cassette & CD Changer - SE
AWC Fleet Safety Convenience Group (Fleet)
AWF Cargo Convenience Group
AWK Travel Convenience Group /1500
AWL Off Road Group /1500
AWS Smoker s Group
AWS Smoker's Group (Fleet)
AWS Smokers Group
AYB Wheel Plus Group /1500
AYE Base Prep package, Charger Police
AYF Patrol Package 1, Charger Police
AYH Patrol Package 2, Charger Police
AYM Patrol Package 3, Charger Police
AYN Slick Top Package 1, Charger Police
AYP Slick Top Package 2, Charger Police
B11 H.D. Drum Brakes 10" - Auto Adj. (A-Body)
B11 H.D. Drum Brakes 11" - Auto Adj. (B+C+E Body)
B31 H.D. Drum Brakes 11" - Manual Adj. (B+C Body)
B39 H.D. Metallic Brake Lining
B41 Front Disc Brakes w/Standard 10" RR Drum
B42 Front Disc Brakes w/H.D. 11" RR Drum
B51 Power Brakes
B61 Brakes - Standard Drum
B64 4-Wheel Skid Control
BC1 Auxiliary power connector
BC3 Upfit interface connector
BCQ Battery - 750 AMP, Maintenance Free (Fleet)
BGK Brakes - 4-Wheel Anti-Lock
BNB Electronic Stability Program
BNB Electronic Stability Control
BRF Brakes - 14" Anti-Lock
BRF Brakes - Anti-Lock /Base
BRJ Brakes - Anti-Lock
BRK Anti-Lock Brakes
BRK Brakes - Anti-Lock, FRT Disc/RR Drum
BRT Anti-Lock Brakes
C13 Front Shoulder Belts
C14 Rear Shoulder Belts
C15 Deluxe Seat Belts
C16 Console w/Woodgrain Panel
C21 Center Front Seat Cushion
C22 Armrest Base-Painted
C23 Rear Armrests w/ashtray
C25 Left Head Restraint
C26 Consolette w/Formed Headlining
C28 Right Head Restraint
C31 Left & Right Head Restraints
C32 Delete Head Restraints
C34 Front Seat Shield
C37D Richard Petty Blue (Special Order Paint)
C51 Bench Seat-Split 50/50
C52 Bench Seat
C55 Bucket Seats
C61 Bucket Seat Left Reclining
C62 Left-hand 6 way Adjustable Bucket Seat
C65 Air Foam Front Seat
C71 Air Foam Front & Rear Seat
C73 Fold Down Rear Seat
C81 Seat Spring - H.D. Front
C83 Seat Spring - H.D. Rear
C85 Seat Spring - H.D. Front & Rear
C91 Floor Mats - H.D. Front
C92 Floor Mats - Accessory Rubber
C93 Carpet
C94 Floor Mats Colored Keyed
C95 Floor Mats - H.D. Front & Rear Black
C96 Trunk Dress-Up Partial
C97 Trunk Dress-Up
CDL Manual Driver Lumbar Adjust (Fleet)
CFK Child Seat - Integrated
CGS Side Supplemental Air Bags
CJ1 Supplemental Front Seat Side Air Bags
CJ5 Side Curtain Airbags, All Rows
CKE Floor Covering - Carpet
CKE Carpet - Front Seat Area
CKJ Vinyl Floor Covering /1500
CKQ Floor Carpet - Delete
CKT side wall tiedown rings
CLA Front Floor mats
CLC Floor mats
CLE Floor Mats
CLX Luxury Front & Rear Floor Mats
CLX Luxury Front and Rear Floor Mats (Fleet)
CLZ Front and Rear Floor Mats
CO4 Seat Belts - Delete All Standard
CSA Spare Tire Cover
CSC Cover-Cargo Compartment (Fleet)
CSD Tonneau Cover
CSU Soft Tonneau Cover (Fleet)
CTD Codes Continued on 2nd Fender Tag
CV4 Front Ash Tray
D11 3 Speed Manual Transmission-Column Shift 6 Cyl.
D12 3 Speed Manual Transmission-Column Shift 8 Cyl.
D13 3 Speed Manual Transmission-Floor Shift
D21 4 Speed Manual Transmission
D31 A904 3-Speed Auto Trans.
D32 Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
D34 Light Duty Automatic Transmission
D36 A727 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
D41 Clutch H.D. 9 1/2" Diameter
D49 Special Order Transmission
D51 2.76:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D53 3.23:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D55 2.45:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D56 3.54:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D57 3.91:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D58 4.10:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D69 Special Order Rear Axle
D91 Sure Grip Axle
DAV Continuously Variable Trans II
DD- Transmission - 5-Speed Manual (Std)
DD- Transmission - 5-Speed Manual (Std)
DD7 5-Speed Manual T355 Transmission
DDQ 5-Speed Manual Std. Transmission
DEG 6-Speed Manual Transmission
DEJ 6-Speed Manual Transmission
DFF 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
DG7 6-Speed HD Automatic 68RFE Transmission
DG8 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
DGA 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
DGB Transmission - 4-Speed Automatic
DGB 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
DGJ Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic (W5A580)
DGQ 5-45RFE 5-Speed Automatic Transmission
DGV 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
DMC Axle Ratio: 3.21
DMD Axle Ratio - 3.55
DMF Axle Ratio - 4.10
DMH Axle Ratio - 3.92
DMH Axle Ratio - 3.92/1500 4x4
DMH Axle Ratio: 3.90
DMM 3.07 axle ratio
DSA Anti-Spin Differential Axle
DSA Axle - Sure Grip
DSA Trak--Lok Differential
DV Interior: Dark Slate Gray
E1_ Deluxe Cloth & Vinyl Bench
E11 170 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 115hp
E22 198 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 125hp
E24 225 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 145hp
E25 225 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder H.D. 145hp
E31 273 cid 2 barrel V8 190hp
E44 318 cid 2 barrel V8 230hp
E55 340 cid 4 barrel V8 275hp
E55 340 cid 3x2 barrel V8 290hp
E57 360 cid 2 barrel V8 255hp
E61 383 cid 2 barrel V8 290hp
E61 383 cid 2 barrel V8 275hp
E63 383 cid 4 barrel V8 H.P. 335hp
E63 400 cid 2 barrel V8 190hp
E65 383 cid 4 barrel V8 300hp
E74 426 Hemi 2x4 barrel V8 425hp
E85 440 cid 4 barrel V8 350hp
E86 440 cid 4 barrel V8 (High Performance) 375hp
E87 440 cid 3x2 barrel V8 (High Performance) 390hp
E91 Police Engine
EBA 1.8L DOHC 16V Dual VVT Engine
ECN 2.0L DOHC 16V Dual VVT Engine
EDZ 2.4L 4 CYL DOHC 16V Engine
EEB 2.5 Liter V6 Engine /Base
EER 2.7L V6 DOHC 24 Valve Engine
EES 2.7L V6 24V Engine
EGH 3.8L V6 OHV Engine
EHC 3.9L Standard Engine
EKG Engine: 3.7L V6
ELF 5.2L MPI V-6 Engine
EML 5.9L MPI V-8 Engine /1500
EML Engine - 5.9L MPI V-8
EN1 End of Sales Codes
EN2 End of Sales Codes
END End of Sales Codes
ETH 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine (Fleet)
ETJ 6.7L High Output Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine
ETJC Ultra Clean Diesel System Charge
EVE 4.7L V8 Engine
EZA 5.7L HEMI V8 Engine
EZB 5.7L Hemi Multi Displacement Engine
F01 440 cid 4 barrel police package
F08 Trans Am Engine
F11 46 Amp Alternator
F11 50 Amp Alternator
F13 60 Amp Alternator
F15 65 Amp Alternator
F17 Radio Suppressor Package
F22 Battery 46 Amp Hour (Series 24 w/Green Caps)
F23 Battery 59 Amp Hour (Series 24 w/Yellow Caps)
F25 Battery 70 Amp Hour (Series 27 w/Red Caps)
F56 Antifreeze Tested -35꠆
F95 Certified Speedometer
F96 Oil Pressure Gauge

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G01 Heated Rear Window Defogger
G11 Tinted Glass (all)
G12 Tinted side glass
G15 Tinted Windshield
G18 Clear windshield (with ac)
G21 Clear Glass (with ac)
G24 Omit Vent Windows
G25 Manual Vent Wing
G30 Delete mirrors
G31 OS RH Manual Standard Mirror
G32 OS RH Manual Racing Mirror
G33 OS LH Remote Standard Mirror
G33 OS LH Remote Racing Mirror
G34 OS LH Remote Racing Mirror
G35 Delete Standard Outside Mirror
G36 OS Dual Racing Mirrors
G37 OS Dual Racing Mirrors
G41 Day/Night Inside Rear-View Mirror
G42 Non Day/Night Inside Rear-view Mirror
GCD Glass - Hard Top Deep Tint/SP
GCF Hard Doors with Roll-Up Windows
GFA Defroster - Rear Window
GFD Sliding Rear Window
GPC Mirrors - Dual Bright 7" x 10"
GPD Mirrors - Trailer Tow, Folding
GPG Power Trailer Tow Mirrors, Fold-Away (Fleet)
GPG Power Trailer Tow Mirrors, Fold-Away
GPP Mirrors - Power Dual Bright 6" x 9"
GPP Door Mirrors - Power Remote
GTE Door Mirrors - Manual Remote
GTS Power Heated Door Mirrors
GWA Moonroof - Power
GWA Sunroof
GWA Sunroof
GXM Remote Keyless Entry /1500
GXR Remote Keyless Entry
GXX Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System
H11 Heater
H25 Heater Delete
H31 Rear Window Defogger
H41 Heater w/ Upper Level Vent
H51 Air Conditioning
H7 Cloth low-back bucket seats
HAA Air Conditioning
HAA Air Conditioning w/Chill Zone
HCA Heater (Fleet)
J003 Standard Paint Type
J004 Standard Paint Type
J005 Standard Paint Type
J01 Driver Education Decal
J11 Glove Box Lock
J14 Delete Cigar Lighter
J15 Cigar Lighter
J21 Electric Clock
J24 Headlamp Washer
J25 3 Speed Wipers
J26 Tailgate Window Wiper/Washer
J31 Dual Horns
J32 Single Horn
J41 Pedal Dress Up
J45 Hood Tie Down Pins
J46 Locking Gas cap
J5_ Cloth & Vinyl Bucket
J52 Inside Hood Release
J54 Sport Hood
J55 Undercoating with Hood Pad
J6__ Rear seats
J64 Instrument Panel Woodgrain
J68 Backlight Louvers
J78 Front Spoiler
J81 Rear Spoiler - Wing Type
J82 Rear Spoiler - Duck Wing
JAY Tachometer
JFH Tachometer w/Low Fuel Warning
JKC Storage - Add-A-Trunk, Lockable/SE
JPA Power Front Windows
JPR 8-way Power Driver's Seat (Fleet)
JPS 6-Way Power Driver Seat/1500
JPV 8-Way Power Driver's Seat
JPV 8-way power driver seat
JTA Power 10-Way Driver Seats
K17 Bodyside Molding - Black
K17 Body Side Molding
K17 Molding - Body Side
K17 Molding - Body Side
K17 Bodyside Molding - Black
K37 Body Color Bodyside Molding (Fleet)
K5_ Pueblo Cloth Seats/SE
K57 Body Color Molding w/Bright Insert
K7__ Cloth seats/Rr fixed bench
L05 Map Light
L06 Dome/Reading Lamp
L11 Glove Box Light
L15 Ash Receiver Lamp
L25 Trunk Lamp
L31 Hood/Fender Mounted Turn Signals
L34 Road Lights
L35 Cornering Lamps
L37 Concealed Headlamps
L42 Headlamp Time Delay
L61 Dome Lamp Switch Rear Doors
L65 Ignition Switch Lamp /with time delay
L68 Auto Headlamp Dimmer
L71 Door Ajar Lamp
L72 Headlamp On Buzzer
L73 Seatbelt Unfastened Lamp
L75 Low Fuel Lamp
L76 Heater Controls Lamp
LM1 Daytime Running Lamps (Fleet)
LMK Daytime Running Lights (Fleet)
LMN Daytime Running Lamps (Fleet)
LMX Daytime Running Lamp System (Fleet)
LNC Lamps - Cab Clearance
LNJ Fog Lamps
LSA Security Alarm /1500
LSA Security Alarm (Fleet)
M05 Door edge moldings
M21 Roof drip rail moldings
M25 Wide sill moldings
M26 Wheel Lip Moldings
M27 Delete Wheel Lip Moldings
M28 Front Bumper Periphery
M31 Belt Moldings
M31 Belt and Hood Moldings
M33 Body Side Moldings
M36 Rear Bumper Periphery
M38 Decklid Finish Panel Moldings
M41 License Plate Frame
M42 Front Stone Shield Moldings
M43 Grille Trim Moldings
M44 Hood and Fender Moldings
M46 Simulated ¼ Scoops
M47 Hood Scoops - Simulated
M51 Power Sunroof w/Vinyl Roof
M71 Front Colored Bumper
M72 Rear Colored Bumper
M73 Front & Rear Colored Bumpers
M75 Rear Bumper Tape
M81 Front Bumper Guards
M83 Rear Bumper Guards
M84 Tail Step Sill Plate
M85 Front & Rear Bumper Guards
M88 Decklid Moldings Treatment
M91 Luggage Rack
M93 Body Side Moldings Delete
MB8 Bumper - Delete Rear
MBQ Bumper - Rear Step (Body Color)/ST 4X4
MDA Licence plate bracket
MDA Licence plate bracket
MRJ Bodyside Steps
MRT Mopar Chrome Tubular Side Steps (Dealer)
MWG Roof Rack
MXB Electronic Ignition System

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N23 Engine Block Heater
N25 Optional Engine Compression Ratio
N31 Dual Exhaust
N41 Chrome Exhaust Tips
N42 Side Exhaust
N44 Hi Capacity Fan
N45 Medium Capacity Fan
N46 Maximum Engine Cooling
N51 7 Blade Torque Drive Fan
N65 Aux. Transmission Fluid Cooler
N75 Aux. Vacuum Reservoir
N77 Performance Gauge
N78 Fast Idle Control
N81 Tachometer
N85 Auto Speed Control
N88 Fiberglass Fresh Air Hood
N94 Emissions Control
N95 Fresh Air Hood
N96 Noise Reduction Package
N97 Exhaust Emissions Standards Label
N98 71 only
NAE Additional equipment
NAE/C Emissions - CA
NAE/M Emissions - MA
NAE/N Emissions - NY
NAS 50 state emissions
NBN Northeastern States - $0
NBY Additional equipment
NFB Fuel Tank - 22 Gallon
NHK Engine Block Heater
NHM Speed Control (Fleet)
NHM Speed Control
NMC Engine Cooling - Heavy Duty
NMC Cooling Engine Maximum
P_ Monotone Paint
P__ Inferno Red Tinted PC Paint
P21 Power Front Bench Seat
P25 Power Left Front Seat
P28 Power Left/Right Front Seat
P31 Power Windows
P33 Power Vent Windows
P35 Power Tailgate Window
P37 Power Convertible Top
P41 Power Door Locks
P44 Power Lock Tailgate
P45 Power Deck Lid Release
PEL Inferno Red Tinted Pearl Paint
PNT Extra Cost Paint
PW1 Exterior Paint: Stone White Clearcoat
R11 AM Radio (2 Watts)
R13 Deluxe AM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R18 Search Tune AM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R21 AM/FM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R22 AM Radio with 8 Track (10 Watts)
R23 Search Tune AM/FM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R26 AM Radio with Cassette
R31 Rear Seat Speaker(s)
R32 Dual Rear Speakers
R33 Microphone
R35 AM/FM Stereo Radio (10 Watts)
R36 AM/FM Stereo with Cassette
R37 AM/FM Stereo with 8 Track
R45 Oversize Manual Antenna
R48 Power Antenna
RA8 Radio Delete
RAL Radio with 2-Speakers/Clock
RAQ AM/FM CD 6-Disc MP3 Radio
RAS AM/FM /Cassette/6 Speakers
RAZ Am/Fm Stereo Cass/CD/Equal /1500
RBK AM/FM Stereo & CD
RBN Am/Fm Stereo Cass/CD Chger Control/15
RBN AM/FM Stereo Cassette w/G.E.
RBR Am/Fm Stereo /CD /1500
RBR AM/FM Stereo CD w/Equalizer
RBS AM/FM/Cassette/CD Changer/6 Speakers
RBX AM/FM w/Cassette/CD /Base - $435
RCC 6 Premium Speakers & 120 Watt Amp - SE
RCD Speaker System - Four -
RCE Speakers - Infinity Sound
RDS CD-6/MP3/GPS Audio Unit
RDV CD/DVD Changer 6-Disc In-Dash
RDZ Steering Wheel Audio Controls/1500
REC 6CD/Full Map GPS Display Nav Radio (Fleet)
REQ AM/FM 6 Disc DVD MP3 Radio (Fleet)
RER MyGig mMultimedia Infotainment System
RES Radio: Media Center 130 CD/MP3
REV AM/FM CD DVD Video/Audio MP3 Radio
RSA Sirius Satellite Radio
RSC Sirius Satellite Radio (Fleet)
RSP UConnect Hands-Free Communication (Fleet)
S11 Suspension H.D. without Sway Bar
S13 Suspension H.D. with Sway Bar
S15 Hemi Suspension with Sway Bar
S16 Suspension H.D. Police
S17 Reduced Rate Suspension
S21 Shocks H.D. 1"-Front / Monroe Load Levers Rear
S22 Shocks H.D. Monroe Front / Load Levers Rear
S25 Firm Ride Shocks 1" Front & Rear
S28 Firm Ride Shocks 1" Front / 1 3/8" Rear
S31 Front Sway Bar
S41 Rear Sway Bar
S61 Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column
S62 Tilt Steering Column
S74 Quick Ratio Power Steering
S75 Quick Ration Manual Steering
S76 Steering Wheel Horn Ring Full/Fleet
S77 Power Steering
S78 Full Horn Ring
S79 Lower ½ Horn Ring
S81 Premium Steering Wheel Woodgrained
S81 Deluxe Padded Steering Wheel (B-Body)
S83 Rim Blow Woodgrained Steering Wheel (Rim Blow)
S84 Tuff" Steering Wheel
S9-- Deluxe Cloth Seat/1500
SCG Steering Wheel - Leather Wrapped
SDA Normal Duty Suspension
SDU Shocks - High Pressure Gas Charged
SUA Tilt Steering Wheel

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T82 F70-15 White
T83 F70-14 Red
T85 F70-14 Red (Fiberglass Belted)
T86 F70-14 White
T87 F70-14 Raised White Letter
TBB Full Size Spare Tire
TBE Add Full Size Spare Tire
TBW Full Size Matching Spare Wheel - SE
TCH Tires: P245/65R17 BSW AT
TMD P215/75R15 BSW Tires
TMW Tires - P215/75R15 OWL A/T - SE
TP8 LT235/80R17E BSW On/Off Road Tires
TP9 LT235/80R17E OWL On/Off Road Tires
TRN Tires - P225/75R15 OWL A/T - SE
TSC P235/75R15XL BSW A/S Tires
TSK P235/75R15XL BSW A/S Tires
TTX 245/45ZR20 Performacne Tires
TWH P215/65R17 All-Season Self-Sealing Tires
TX-- H.D. Vinyl 40/20/40 Split Back Bench
TXW Tires - LT265/75R16 A/T OWL (5) /1500
TYD Tires - P245/75R16E A/S BSW (5)
TYK Tires - P245/75R16C A/S BSW (5)
TYL Tires - P245/75R16C A/T BSW (5)
TYU Tires - LT245/75R16 A/S BSW (5) /1500
TYX Tires - P245/75R16C A/T OWL (5) /1500
TYZ Tires - LT245/75R16 A/T OWL /1500 SWB
U01 E60-15 Raised White Letter (Front)
U01 G60-15 Raised White Letter (Rear)
U64 F70-15 White Stripe (Fiberglass belted)
U65 F70-15 Red Stripe (Fiberglass belted)
U7S Special Order
U82 E60-15 Raised White Letter Polyglass
U86 G60-15 Raised White Letter Polyglass
V01 Mono Tone Paint Treatment
V02 Two Tone Paint Treatment
V05 Paint Buffed
V08 Paint, Trim, and Vinyl Roof Edit Waiver
V09 Paint Special Order
V19 Full Vinyl Top - Special Order Black
V1A Full Vinyl Top - Gunmetal
V1B Full Vinyl Top - Blue
V1C Full Vinyl Top - Black Alligator
V1F Full Vinyl Top - Green
V1G Full Vinyl Top - Gator Grain
V1H Full Vinyl Top - Green Floral
V1J Full Vinyl Top - Walnut Pattern
V1J Full Vinyl Top - Paisley
V1K Full Vinyl Top - Walnut
V1L Full Vinyl Top - Champaign
V1L Full Vinyl Top - Parchment
V1M Full Vinyl Top - Burgundy
V1P Full Vinyl Top - Yellow Floral
V1P Full Vinyl Top - Mod Yellow
V1Q Full Vinyl Top - Blue & Green Floral
V1Q Full Vinyl Top - Mod Blue
V1T Full Vinyl Top - Tan
V1W Full Vinyl Top - White Gunmetal
V1X Full Vinyl Top - Black
V1Y Full Vinyl Top - Gold & Green Floral
V1Y Full Vinyl Top - Gold
V1Y Full Vinyl Top - Tortoise Grain
V21 Performance Hood Treatment
V22 Delete Sport Hood Treatment
V23 Paint - Delete Body Side
V24 Performance Hood Treatment w/CID
V39 Convertible Top - Special Order
V3W Convertible Top - White
V3X Convertible Top - Black
V4A Vinyl Canopy Roof - Gunmetal
V4B Vinyl Canopy Roof - Blue
V4C Vinyl Canopy Roof - Black Alligator
V4F Vinyl Canopy Roof - Green
V4G Vinyl Canopy Roof - Gator Grain
V4H Vinyl Canopy Roof - Green Floral
V4J Body Side Stripe - Lime Fluorescent
V4J Vinyl Canopy Roof - Walnut Pattern
V4J Vinyl Canopy Roof - Paisley
V4K Vinyl Canopy Roof - Walnut
V4L Vinyl Canopy Roof - Champaign
V4L Vinyl Canopy Roof - Parchment
V4M Body Side Stripe - Pink Fluorescent
V4M Vinyl Canopy Roof - Burgundy
V4P Vinyl Canopy Roof - Yellow Floral
V4P Vinyl Canopy Roof- Mod Yellow
V4Q Vinyl Canopy Roof - Blue & Green Floral
V4Q Vinyl Canopy Roof- Mod Blue
V4T Vinyl Canopy Roof - Tan
V4W Body Side Stripe - White
V4W Vinyl Canopy Roof - White Gunmetal
V4X Body Side Stripe - Black
V4X Vinyl Canopy Roof - Black
V4Y Vinyl Canopy Roof - Gold & Green Floral
V4Y Vinyl Canopy Roof - Gold
V4Y Vinyl Canopy Roof - Tortoise Grain
V58 Body Side Molding - Delete
V5A Body Side Molding - Gunmetal
V5B Body Side Molding - Light Blue
V5C Body Side Molding - Plum Crazy
V5D Body Side Molding - Dark Blue
V5E Body Side Molding - Bright Red
V5F Body Side Molding - Green
V5H Body Side Molding - Trans Am Black
V5J Body Side Molding - Chartreuse
V5K Body Side Molding - Go Mango
V5M Body Side Molding - Magenta
V5M Body Side Molding - Burgundy
V5R Body Side Molding - Red
V5T Body Side Molding - Tan
V5V Body Side Molding - Orange
V5W Body Side Molding - White
V5X Body Side Molding - Black
V5Y Body Side Molding - Yellow
V68 Longitudinal Stripes - Delete
V6A Longitudinal Stripes - Gunmetal
V6B Longitudinal Stripes - Light Blue
V6C Longitudinal Stripes - Plum Crazy
V6D Longitudinal Stripes - Dark Blue
V6E Longitudinal Stripes - Bright Red
V6F Longitudinal Stripes - Green
V6H Longitudinal Stripes - Trans Am Black
V6J Longitudinal Stripes - Chartreuse
V6K Longitudinal Stripes - Go Mango
V6M Longitudinal Stripes - Magenta
V6M Longitudinal Stripes - Burgundy
V6R Longitudinal Stripes - Red
V6T Longitudinal Stripes - Tan
V6V Longitudinal Stripes - Orange
V6W Longitudinal Stripes - White
V6X Longitudinal Stripes - Black
V6Y Longitudinal Stripes - Yellow
V78 Accent Stripes - Delete
V7A Accent Stripes - Gunmetal
V7B Accent Stripes - Light Blue
V7C Accent Stripes - Plum Crazy
V7D Accent Stripes - Dark Blue
V7E Accent Stripes - Bright Red
V7F Accent Stripes - Green
V7H Accent Stripes - Trans Am Black
V7J Accent Stripes - Chartreuse
V7K Accent Stripes - Go Mango
V7M Accent Stripes - Magenta
V7M Accent Stripes - Burgundy
V7R Accent Stripes - Red
V7T Accent Stripes - Tan
V7V Accent Stripes - Orange
V7W Accent Stripes - White
V7X Accent Stripes - Black
V7Y Accent Stripes - Yellow
V88 Transverse Stripes - Delete
V8A Transverse Stripes - Gunmetal
V8B Transverse Stripes - Light Blue
V8C Transverse Stripes - Plum Crazy
V8D Transverse Stripes - Dark Blue
V8E Transverse Stripes - Bright Red
V8F Transverse Stripes - Green
V8H Transverse Stripes - Trans Am Black
V8J Transverse Stripes - Chartreuse
V8K Transverse Stripes - Go Mango
V8M Transverse Stripes - Magenta
V8M Transverse Stripes - Burgundy
V8R Transverse Stripes - Red
V8T Transverse Stripes - Tan
V8V Transverse Stripes - Orange
V8W Transverse Stripes - White
V8X Transverse Stripes - Black
V8Y Transverse Stripes - Yellow
V98 Bumble Bee Stripes - Delete
V98 Longitudinal Stripes - Delete
V9A Bumble Bee Stripes - Gunmetal
V9A Longitudinal Stripes - Gunmetal
V9B Bumble Bee Stripes - Light Blue
V9B Longitudinal Stripes - Light Blue
V9C Bumble Bee Stripes - Plum Crazy
V9C Longitudinal Stripes - Plum Crazy
V9D Bumble Bee Stripes - Dark Blue
V9D Longitudinal Stripes - Dark Blue
V9E Bumble Bee Stripes - Bright Red
V9E Longitudinal Stripes - Bright Red
V9F Bumble Bee Stripes - Green
V9F Longitudinal Stripes - Green
V9H Bumble Bee Stripes - Trans Am Black
V9H Longitudinal Stripes - Trans Am Black
V9J Bumble Bee Stripes - Chartreuse
V9J Longitudinal Stripes - Chartreuse
V9K Bumble Bee Stripes - Go Mango
V9K Longitudinal Stripes - Go Mango
V9M Bumble Bee Stripes - Magenta
V9M Bumble Bee Stripes - Burgundy
V9M Longitudinal Stripes - Magenta
V9M Longitudinal Stripes - Burgundy
V9R Bumble Bee Stripes - Red
V9R Longitudinal Stripes - Red
V9T Bumble Bee Stripes - Tan
V9T Longitudinal Stripes - Tan
V9V Bumble Bee Stripes - Orange
V9V Longitudinal Stripes - Orange
V9W Bumble Bee Stripes - White
V9W Longitudinal Stripes - White
V9X Bumble Bee Stripes - Black
V9X Longitudinal Stripes - Black
V9Y Bumble Bee Stripes - Yellow
V9Y Longitudinal Stripes - Yellow
VK_ Hardtop
W21 Road Wheels
W21 Rallye Wheels
W23 Road Wheels
W34 Collapsible Spare Tire
W55 Wheels Painted Body Color
WBG 17 x 7.5 Aluminum Wheels
WDB 16x7 Chrome Steel Wheels
WF2 Wheels - 17 X 8.0 Steel, Chrome Clad
WFX Wheels: 17" x 7.5" Aluminum
WHT Aluminum Wheels
WJ1 5-Spoke "Grizzly" Aluminum Wheels/SE
WJ5 Wheels - 5-Spoke Full Face Steel
WJF Wheels
WJT Aluminum Wheels "Predator"
WND Wheel - Cast Aluminum/ST 4x4
WNF 16"x6.5" Aluminum Wheels
XAA Parksense - Rear Back-Up System
XAP Power Adjustable Pedals (Fleet)
XBC Pickup Box Delete
XEF Skid Plates - Transfer Case (Fleet)
XEF Skid Plates - Transfer Case (Fleet)
XEW Tow Hooks - 2 Front/1Rear
XJL Front Hood Protection Shield
XMD Over Rail Bedliner (Fleet)
XME Under Rail Bedliner
XME Under Rail Bedliner
Y05 Build to USA Specs
Y07 Build to Canada Specs
Y09 Build to Specs for Export
Y11 Domestic Publications
Y13 Dealer Demo
Y14 Sold Car
Y15 Direct Sale
Y16 Sales Bank
Y17 Corporate Lease Car System
Y22 Corporate Lease Car - Executive
Y28 Company Car/Public Relations
Y33 Fleet Sales
Y37 Outside Modification Vendor (Sunroof)
Y39 Special Order
Y54 Chrysler Management Employee Purchase
Y91 Show Car Finish A / Less Gas
Y92 Show Car Finish B / Less Gas
Y93 Show Car Finish B / Less Gas
Y97 Show Car Finish - 3 Gallons Gas
YCF California Emissions Order Code
YCF Emissions - Border State
YCH Federal Emissions Order Code
Z5A Payload - 1450#
Z5C Payload - 2000#
Z6D GVWR: 6400 lbs.
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