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Opinions Please?

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I have a 1987 W150 4x4 with: 727Trans , Dana44Ft(Auborn Heavy Duty Posi) ,9.25 Rr(Auborn Heavy Duty Posi) , 4:10 gears. 1981 318 cid, 2bbl ,Headers(3" collectors), H-Pipe, Flowmaster 40's, 2.5" Exhaust Pipes, 32x11.50/15 Bridgestone Dueler Mud-Terrains on American Racing Baja Rims. ;D

This is what I have and want to add: Reconditioned Heads (308 castings, 4 angle valve job ,stock size valves) - Mopar Performance cam #4552759 (Dur: 260/268 Lift: .430/.450) - Edelbrock Performer - Edelbrock 4bbl Carb. ::)

How is this combination? Does anyone have something similar for comparison to give me an idea of performance? Thank You. Jimmy. ;) ;
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a desk top dyno could give u a good baseline idea of whatthose parts will do together sesme like s good combo to me . I think new valve springs is must
You might want to look into installing a good set of adjustable rocker arms. The stock arms will only net about a 1.4 lift ratio. You'll get more lift from that cam with 1.5 or 1.6 ratio rockers.
My dads truck is using the same cam in his 360 and stock intake with 600 edelbrock and more restrictive exhaust then you have. This truck also has ported heads and 3.21 gears. Very torquey truck and pulls hard at highway speed. Also very thirsty with about 9 mpg, has seen 11 mpg a few times. Going to free up the exhaust and play with some ignition mods to get better gas mileage.

Have also used the same cam in a 318 cop car engine with 360 heads that were ported. Headers and same 600 cfm carb on stock intake. This car has alot of power from idle all the way up. Revs hard. Make sure to degree the cam in. You should have no problem making about 300-325 hp
Anyone else have ideas?
If you want OEM style rockers, but strengthened and providing correct 1.5:1 ratios, you might want to try here:
How much horse power would I have approximately with this combination?
It will be better than what it is now, with just the intake and carb it will be a night and day diff, it'll add hp
benbear said:
How much horse power would I have approximately with this combination?
Mopar Muscle did a buildup not that different from yours. They used a reconditioned 318 longblock with stock heads. They used a cam a bit hotter than yours, but otherwise it was essentially the same. Before any real tuning had been done, they'd added 83hp, and managed a final figure of 282hp at 5,000rpm and 340 lbs torque at 3600 rpm. The cam was a CompCams XE262, but they used the 600 AFB carb and dual plane M1 intake, so it's not far from what you have. I' guessing you'd easily added 70-75hp, with as much torque at a slightly lower rpm.
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