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Opinions on break in

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If this doesn't belong here just delete it. I have it in the help section but only got one response so....

I'll be ordering a re-man long block motor in a week or two. I'd like to know some steps from initial start up to breaking it in. Like priming it up... any kind of procedure to follow here? And break in... how long, what rpm's?... I have a friend helping me out but I'd like to get some opinions on this from others.
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Break cam in: 20-30 minutes at 2000-2500 rpm. Change the oil & filter.

Drive it "normally". Don't baby it, but don't beat on it either. Make 4 or 5 runs up to 60 mph and let it coast back to about 15 mph (no brakes). This aids in loading the rings up with oil and getting them seated. After the 4-5 ring loading runs, drive "normally" for 250 miles. Change the oil & filter.

Drive "normally" for another 500-750 miles. Change oil & filter.

Drive "normally" for another 2000 miles. Change oil & filter and begin normal maintenance intervals.

No sustained highway driving during the first 1000 miles (If you must drive on the highway, be sure to vary speeds/rpms)

The above is my break-in procedure. I am sure others will have other methods, but this is what works for me (engines up here have a severe/harsh life) I do not recommend using synthetic oil until you have at least 5000 miles on the engine. I use dino-oil (conventional 10w-30) for break-in because it allows everything to wear into its "grooves", not to mention saving $2-3 a quart.

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Also helps to set up a fan to blow air through the radiator while breaking the cam in. Leaving the thermostat out for cam break-in is also a good suggestion.

I am not trying to start a dino vs synthetic arguement. I do know that I have torn two engines apart (318 and a 225) that were broken in with synthetic because each had at least one lifter that was not spinning. The 318 wiped a cam lobe. The 225 was OK with a new lifter.

Use what you like. I personally will always use conventional for break-in.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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