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Opinions on break in

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If this doesn't belong here just delete it. I have it in the help section but only got one response so....

I'll be ordering a re-man long block motor in a week or two. I'd like to know some steps from initial start up to breaking it in. Like priming it up... any kind of procedure to follow here? And break in... how long, what rpm's?... I have a friend helping me out but I'd like to get some opinions on this from others.
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I think Slanted_mind's description covers almost everything.
I would add: prime the engine before start-up and remove the thermostat.
Then after initial break-in (first 20-30 minutes), the thermostat can be put back in place.
I've seen several engines overheating, which had the thermostat still in place during cam break-in.
The engine will produce more heat as result of the break-in.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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