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"Ole Red" '84 Power Ram

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****The truck is now sold,it's been gone for probably close to 6 months,I posted below but noticed several people have been looking at it. It went to a good home though,sold it to my uncle so I've worked on it several other times with him and he uses it as his hunting truck and work truck.

Here is my new toy ;D Ain't she beautiful?! I didn't tell many people about it because I didn't know for sure if I was gonna get it but we got it brought home today so now I got a beater/daily soon as I get it running good,learn to drive the 4 speed and etc.

Here it is on the rollback heading outta town. Yes it runs but we didn't want to take chances...several of the lights didn't work on it and etc.

This truck was used to haul ROCKS! As you can tell...the bed isn't in it's prime :p The bed was tortured..look at the bed sides on it..their WAVY :eek:

Yes that is 3 petels :)

Granny gear 4-speed baby! I love just gotta learn to drive it good LOL

Specs: 1984 Dodge Power Ram
Reg. cab
318 4bbl(I believe recently rebuilt)
Granny gear 4-speed(NP-435 aint it?)
1/2 ton 3.23 gears
Worn out-mitmatched tires

What yall think?

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Nice find Jimmy . Gonna keep looking for my diamond in the rough . ;)


Nice find Jimmy. I think it's screaming for a set of stacks though. ;D
Ramtuff said:
Nice find Jimmy. I think it's screaming for a set of stacks though. ;D
HAHA I need to drive this thing daily...I'm going to put a tool box on the back of it neways...don't think the cops would like the stacks either haha

Cool score! I dig seeing any old Dodge truck being rescued, and a 4 speed is even cooler. 8)
I ordered some front shackles for it today! Hopefully here before to much longer I can order a 4" lift for it and then I'll be in business :)

I'm getting tires from my grandpaw and then I think I've found some 10" wagon wheels for it to ;)

Here are a few other shots of it I took today

I had one of the RCC stickers laying around so I put it on he's part of the family :)

Under the hood(318 4bbl)

Nother shot

Nother shot of the bed :eek:

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Cool pics Jimbo keep them comin
THat motor is awful clean to be int hat like some one has been under there cleaning.....allready..... I cant wait to see it after you make it nice mo.....
Jimmy repeat after me "Body work is bad"
Leave it a beater.
nice truck! just throw on a bed and maybe a drivers door and you'll be good to go! that engine looks pretty damn nice too!
Thanks a bunch for the comments guys :)

I won't be able to work on it for a little while..cept for tinkering on it after school,but maybe here before to much longer we can tear the bed off and drivers door and frontend. Won't take long to get it up and running again

Just kinda wondering...anybody be interested in Ole Red? I might be fixing to sell him

y??? if i was closer and the price was right..well how much??
Well here are some updated pictures of Red. I keep jumping around saying I'm going to sell it,then say I'm going to keep it,hell who knows what I'll do. At this point in my life I personally need a truck cause I've been hauling around tires,wheels and other parts in the back of the '90 Ramcharger I'm tryin and it's to nice fer that. I've kinda gotten driving the four speed down pat but still need practice. We put a bed,doors,cowl panel,fixed the wiper bushings,put a nicer seat in,also a rubber floor mat and I believe it looks a million times better.

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i would love to have it ..... How much would you ask for it? I woudl love a 4 speed.
Dont know James,I think I'm gonna keep this one because I need a truck for a daily driver and it's a 4wd/4spd to boot and would make a good weekend wheeler :)

I want a Power Ram like that one.
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