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Oklahoma members intro and joining post

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Post here to introduce yourselves and join the chapter
 then look on the welcoming post ... dont post welcoming on here      OK ;)      ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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Hey im Tyler Mason live in ENID Ok have a 1996 RED Dodge Ramcharger Custom Le 4x4 its big and green and awsome need to add a few mods to make it bad ass
Hello, My name is Steve. I live in Broken Arrow, and I am 21 years old. I have owned a RC for about a year and a half now. About a month and half ago I was down in texas :\'( and was grazed by a sleeping driver, it caused me to overcorrect and roll my beautiful 87 RC. It had a 360 4bbl, 4" lift and 33" BFG A/T's. my hand was out the window when it fliped so I broke my left hand, and am now here at home healing myself, and relearning how to use my hand. and the only way to do that is to have motivation. I found that in a practically cherry 86 RC it only has a 318, but I have the donor engine from the 87 in perfect condition. It has a little bit of rust on the rockers, but I have donor panals from the 87 one as well. I had been considering going with a jeep, or dodge pickup this time around, but I just could not get away from a RC. with all my extra time I found this website and would like to get involved in the state chapter. as soon as I get some pictures taken of the new RC I will get them posted. later

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hey oklahomawheelers!!! my name is vance or KC on all the mopar baoards! and I live in wilburton okla. married and have four kids the oldest twins are 8 ......I'd like to get together and talk mopars/trucks/rc's sometime! if you don't know where wilburton is its about 35 miles east of mcalester okla we have alot of wheeling roads everything from mild to wild! clayton okla...where all the jeep runs are held is just about twenty miles from me! also we have shorter runs .....and honbia creek area is thousands and thousands of acres of logging / rig roads that wind from me to texas and over to the arkansas line ! just the right place for a whole weekend run with camping ! just yell if I can be of help with anything! I've had alot of ramchargers /trail dusters/pickups but my new ride which I just bought is a 4-door m880 shortbed 3/4 ton truck that I'm working on now! and hope to have in dependable condition soon!! but you guys just yell if and when you need anything ! there's alot of parts around here too! lol! later......KC! ;D 8)
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My name is Tommy. I live in Enid, way up north. ha! -flat land and a 4X4. I just bought a 1987 Ramcharger 318 2bbl 727A. I love it. Looking forward to the summer and some camping at Canton lake. Email me @ [email protected]

My name is Bud and I live in Chelsea, a very small town about 50 miles northeast of Tulsa.

I am 45 years old and have been single for about 10 years. Don't think there is any good woman that would put up with me and I don't want a bad one.

I have been a Mopar enthusiast for over 25 years. My 77 Ramcharger is the first Dodge truck I have owned and it is in the process of a little work. It has 4.56 gears with a (currently) broken 727 and a 440. Great truck.

I am probably more into the hotrod end of Mopars and am also building a 1971 Dart for the street and a 1973 Dart Sport for the dragstrip.

Besides Mopars, my hobbies are photography and music.
Look's like I'm the new guy. I have an 85 rc that Iv'e owned since 87. If you have been in okc then you may have seen mine it's black with 35's. But since I am finishing the diesel conversion I got stuck with some little 31's but I have plans to get the front end back up and go with 35's or maybe 38's. I live in nw okc and used to work for a dealer as a tech. Married and have a 12 year old daughter. I don't drive mine through the woods but I do like the mud
Hey everyone I'm Chase I live near the red river I currently live with my parents while I finish my technical schooling/collage.
I have a 89' dodge 3.9 and am about to buy a 69'(this baby is in almost perfect shape everything but the hood is original,and I'm getting it for $200, that is a good price right?????) still debating on a 318' or 360' to put in it, need power for towing but need something I can drive an hour everyday while making minn. wage.
Hello RCC. My name is Eric, I live in Enid, am the proud owner of a 79 RC. Have had it for about 8 years and will NEVER part with it! It has a stock drivetrain and 33's,an upgrade from the stock 31's. This is all I have left of a once good sized Mopar collection,which included 3 69 Dart's,73SatteliteSebringPlus,64Barracuda,84SWB4x4,and an84Jeep Cherokee(not really a Mopar,but adopted). The RC is in the process of going back together with a tranny rebuild and salvage engine,it's been down a year after letting my 19 yr old son drive it for a couple weeks.
 About me; I'm 36 have 3 sons,divorced, have gf of 5 yrs. who enjoys outdoors with me, served in Army after HS, just graduated from SurgicalTechnology school but am employed at a salvge yard(Mopar only) sweet and sour at the same time :-\ Enough 4 now. Hope to meet some good folk and have some wheelin fun!                                  MOVED TO FLA.  STILL AN OKIE                                 
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My name is Chad. I live in Lawton with my wife and my new born son. I have a 77 club cab Power Wagon half ton and a 91 half ton ram. Both 4x4. my daily driver is a 2004 Hemi Quad cab.
as of 12 -05 i now work for cox comm..  in okc, i work as a mech on all there veh..  as of2-06 i now live in moore just off is good.. still waitin on the money truck for tire money..
Hey I am Jeremiah. I live in Guam but usually reside in Jacksonville, AR.  I am 23 years old and am currently Divorced due to the truck I purchased.  I do not currently have the truck any more. I gave it to my Dad. He has been doing a lot of work to it. Anyways my father lives in Altus and the truck he has now is a 78 Dodge Power Wagon Adventurer SE 150. The truck is all original and lacks a few parts to be complete. I dont know if he has been looking around on the internet to find these few parts or not so I figured I would do it for him. Oh the truck has the original 440 in it too. Well just wanted to say hi.
My name is R.L. and I live in Thomas,OK (for those who don't know its about 20 miles north of Weatherford) and I own a 85 D-150 Royal SE SWB which is pretty much stock except i have lowered it a couple inches.I have always had a thing for rams and ramchargers (Both 2 and 4 wheel drives).
Hello fello Okies.My name is Rorry and we live in the big city of Copan.Married with 3 awesome boys(all like Dodge).I own a 90 W350(CTD,5-Spd dually)with approximately 160,000 miles that has been in the family since new.My wife owns an 83 RC which nows holds a 79 360 with re-built 727.She also just purchased a PT Cruiser.I am in the process of purchasing my father and sons project which is a 85 W350 single wheel Crew Cab.Cant wait to get her and get started.
Im excited to be here.Its only taken me forever to get registered.I was doing simple stupid little mistakes,but finally figured out what I was doing wrong and now here I am.I have a lot of parts lying around if anyone would like to do some traden!  Thanks,Rorry
I am Bill,
will soon be moving to Locust Grove, or actually between there and Peggs within the next few months.
I have 2 Ram shortwide Pickups, one is an 83 2wd with a 496/727 , and the other one is an 84 slant six/833od.
I am currently living in Amarillo, Tx.
Ya may know me by Old_Goat on some of the other boards.
I am sure ya will be hearin' back from me!
        My name is ray I go by keyes tho I have 1 child  my little girl  life's joy I have a 1983 dodge ramcharger just got it about a mo. ago and love it was looking for som fix up parts and found this site looks cool and someones trying hard I love to see Oklahoma showing thier true colors keep up the good work and would love to be a part of this thank you ... ;D
Hello Okies.. My name is Matt or ******* offroad on here! I just recently purchased a 88 RC and i totally have offroad fever again. I am 21 and a recent graduate of WyoTech. Now i am wanting to lift my RC What all needs to happen to clear at least 35's? I have already designed bumpers and many other mods but there seems to be alot of discusion on the right lift for certain size tires. A little help or advise would be appreciated. I am very new to this site, how do i join the oklahoma chapter? Thanks i hope to hear from all of you!  Matt... Guymon, OK
Hello everyone. I picked up a 1974 W200 Crew Cab earlier this summer. Trying to find a short bed for it and get rid of the poorly made flat bed that is on it now. This is my first dodge and so far I am very happy. I have not be able to drive it much though, the front brakes are shot and I am trying to dig up parts to convert it to disks all the way around. Anyone have any leads to some salvage yards with dodges in them? I have gone through most of the yards around Beggs and Okmulgee with very little luck.

Hi my name is Mark and I am in Bartlesville area. Just bought my second 77 Power Wagon. It is a Macho Truck. Have two Ex wives and not looking for third.

Just relocated to Tulsa from Phoenix. We're diggin' the cooler weather and rain...and the better fishing!
  I've had a bunch of Mopars in the past, but my current ride is a 2000 ram 1500 QC 4x4. Right now it sits in the driveway with the valve body out of the tranny untill I can get a kickdown band back in. Then we'll see what else is left of the tranny. I lost TC lockup too.
Anyway. thanks for letting me post up.
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