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Ohio members intro and joining post

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Post here to introduce yourselves and join the chapter
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Evildriver-3 said:
Post here to introduce yourselves and join the chapter
[/quWell here I 'am The wife says Iam CRAZY because of the way I Talk &Treat My twins (2 79 RCs) Till I showed her this site .NOW SHE KNOWS I AM ! but I am Not Alone.
Glade to be here.
Hope to have time to get my tire dirty with you all
.Thanks for making me look alittle less insane.ote]
wuts up all new to site just bought my first dodge this week gotta work out some bugs but this ramcharger is gonna be 1 sweet beast ;D also just wanted to say hi to ramdozer&zandorf who i met today well later all ps good site THE NORTHEAST BEAST
Nice to see ya here ! You got a good lookin rig.
Sorry I did get back sooner.
Steve84RC4x4 said:
sup peeps.... im Steve, im in Vienna, OH.....i have a 84 RC on 33's and a 79 on 2.5ton rockwells and 47's.....hey where can i get on of them nifty Ohio Chapter grafix the Ramdozer and a few others have...thats sweet and it would make a great decal for my RC....:D
Hey steve welcome back around, Try the post on this board or go to mis. pic. board on forum then go PP find it right click to properties and link http.
Help me out wheres Vienna? :-[
Wecome Aboard!
Glad to see a new face We hope to have alot of get togethers this summer hope you can join us.
If theres anything we can help with feel free to ask.
Bill M.
Glad Mike could talk you into joining! I hear you took him down some small paths last night that arn't every small anymore :-\LOL So did he go back and pick up all the sheetmetal he left behind last night?
Now adays Yeeps are just small Rams ::) See if you can talk him into taking you out on some real trails so we can tell you what to do when this happens ;D
Good to have ya.
You may want to check us out we're alot closer ;D
Right in Akron
Welcome aboard We have some more things happening for spring. Till then get that truck going LOL
If you need anything give a post on the chapter.
Glad to have you here Adam Pull up a Milk crete and join in. LOL
Anything we can help out with give a yell.
Got any pics of the trucks for sale?
Bill M. AKA Ramdozer
Wecome Shedevil but like I said your closer to VA/NC But we'll be gald to have ya.
Most of the places to run are in southern ohio anyway so your welcome any time you want.
Ps been to more NC events then Ohio LOL
DodgeMudder said:
ramdozer said:
Wecome Shedevil but like I said your closer to VA/NC But we'll be gald to have ya.
Most of the places to run are in southern ohio anyway so your welcome any time you want.
Ps been to more NC events then Ohio LOL
Has there been any OH meets? I haven't seen any. lol
Any RCC member are welcome on any Tiretown runs
I'd welcome the company Playing with jeeps is like
a pitbull playing with a cat ;D The cats small and can get into places the dog can't, But once the Dog gets ahold of it its all over 8)
mudbooger said:
Well I've been hangin' around for a bit. From Doylestown, just south of Akron.
Glad to have you aboard{cool}
You know Oh/PA meets going to be fun .
But you got no reason not to be at the Mid Ohio Mopar meet in April ;D one town over or so in Wooster LOL
Good to have you here Booger!
Hey{wave} Bill glad to have you here!
Hope you plan on joining us on some outtings.
Not many down your way other them Lima
But you can always join us on runs with Tiretown
Bill M.
Hey Viper welcome Anything you want to know this right here on RCC If we can't help you there FAQs sec.
Help board and Tech Board We got more rolling knowledge on this site then most Tech Shops Sad part it mostly carnage knowledge.
Hey Tom glad to see you found us. I can tell you this I have found a new respect for Wellsville LOL
We don't have anything going soon but you never know what will happen.
Did you try the filter and change the fiuld yet. I know we just meet you Sat. but what are you waiting for we need a better giude then me down there.
Theres talk in the other 4x4 club I belong to(Tiretown) of coming down in July think you'd be up for it?
Cracker we could all ways use the A lil scare LOL
Phils just had his third Tiretown meet but don't know it So if he wants he's in TT to.
See Mike is TT I'am TT and any meet with 2 or more members is a TT meet lol
tjmuddslinger said:
LOL Thanks BrianT.........Glad to be here.........also we or I won't hold that against you for having a chebby ;D
LOL Me ether someone has to bring something to put in the deep mud for traction. LOL
Sorry Brian lol
Got your Email today and from looking at your list of trucks you belong here LOL
I'll get you listed tonight
Bill M
Welcome aboard Kat glad you found us.  Please fill in your info on your profile

And look forward to meeting you all.
Glad to have you aboard Stephen.    Check out the How to s and the help section.  Theres tons of info there.

You keep coming back and we'll have you hooked in no time  LOL
Glad to have ya on board Mike  I'll see what I can do about posting a pic or 2.
Look around the site and get to know your way around.

Here there's some great guys if we can get them all together at one place it would be a shocker.  LOL

Heres a link to The Members Toys & Rigs I put your pics there, As fare as posting pics, go to F A Q on the site forum
to get the info or just become a Gold Member and post away ;D
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